Where have I been?

Phew – almost a month has gone by since I last wrote here.  Just a lot of life going on.  Lots of quilting, lots of trips to the dog park, lots of WORK.  We finally made it through commencement at the UO (it was June 14th).  Our first time holding our department ceremony outdoors and we actually had a beautiful day!  Eugene has been so cloudy, cold and rainy — conditions I generally find comforting, but even I was beginning to long for the sun.  It came out for our commencement but hurriedly disappeared again, then it finally arrived on Monday again.  It’s been good weather all week.  We’ve actually made it above 80 degrees!  With the sunny weather and the drying of the fields at the dog park, Ozzie has been having a blast.  He ran after the ball so much on Wednesday night, that he needed to lie down in the shade three times on the way to the car.  I worry when he gets so obsessed with the ball.  Last night, we took it a little easier, because it was a little hotter, and I didn’t want to wear the little guy out.  He had a blast with his buddies, but we came home a little earlier.  He still slept like the dead last night.

It used to be that there wasn’t much work to do at the UO during the summer.  I remember when we first got our Windows computers, we would have time to play a game or five of solitaire each day in the summer.  Not so anymore.  I have a huge stack of work to do, and today I accomplished very little.  I had expected to plow through the paperwork when I got in this morning, but a piece of furniture arrived (unassembled) for one of our handicapped employees, so I went ahead and assembled the piece.  Unfortunately, it wouldn’t fit where we wanted to put it, so I whipped home to get the circular saw (a huge powerful rotary cutter — not like the kind we use in quilting) and went back and lopped off six inches of the existing shelving.  Everything fits great now, and I got it done (including vacuuming up the sawdust) before the employee came in, so they were quite pleased that it was all taken care of.  I think I may have to go into the office some time this weekend.  Just too much to do and too many interruptions when everyone else is around.  Some times, it’s just better to go in when there’s no one else there.

More quilts and more sewing to do this weekend too.  Of course, we’ll have to find some time to hit the doggie park.  Ozzie’s buddies are waiting!