Okay, so I’m not all that sweet

I finally had my appointment with the Endocrinologist and Metabolism Specialist today.  I have severe hypoglycemia.  Refined and even whole grain carbohydrates make my blood sugar spike and then plummet within an hour or two of eating.  I’ve been managing this by eating mostly protein and vegetables (boring!), but there may be a treatment for me.  I’m to start on a new medication tomorrow which will block some of the absorption of carbohydrates in my system and, hopefully, keep my blood sugar at a fairly even level without having to eat such a restrictive diet.  The best news of all this is that I am not in danger of becoming a diabetic.  I have a lot of that in my family history, and it was a big worry.  The doctor says that controlling these spikes and valleys in my sugar should result in my finally having some energy!  I can hardly wait.

So, I may have a productive three-day weekend coming up!  How exciting.  Any of you have major plans for the holiday?  I have lots of sewing and quilting to do, but I’m thinking about taking a drive to Portland to Ikea to get some storage units that will match those I currently have.  They are on sale at a mere fraction of what I originally paid for them but, unfortunately, you can’t buy them on-line and have them shipped (poop!).  I don’t know if I want to get myself out into holiday traffic though, so I may just stay home.

My best birthday present

As many of you know, I have a fascination with the moon.  I even have one tattooed on the back of my neck (as opposed to my diocese ;^P).  This year, Mother Nature gave me a wonderful full moon for my birthday.  I played with my camera in trying to capture its beauty, but haven’t really done it justice.  These are all edited from the jpeg images.  Maybe some day I’ll get time to play with the RAW data and see if I can clean them up and get a good image from all the pics I took.

The moon in the party tree

It was such a beautiful warm and clear night.  Best birthday ever.

Let’s get this party started!

HAH!  Have you ever heard that saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all?”  I think it’s my motto.  Well, actually, I live a charmed life, but it is not without foibles.  I always (ALWAYS) hate to celebrate my birthday (which is today).  Don’t know why, but getting another year older always puts me in a foul mood.  Anyway, I came into the office today and started through the pile of paperwork.  Around 9:00, when I got up to get my second cup of coffee, I figured I’d log into my gmail account to see if I had any email.  Yipes!  The file took forever to download and there were lots of wonderful wishes from old and new friends.  It did make me smile, even in my curmudgeonliness.  So, long about noon time I decided that I would indeed celebrate the fact that Mother Nature had made me a present of a full moon, and go and get myself a bottle champagne so I could toast her under the party tree this evening.  Note to self:  Do not go into Trader Joe’s without your glasses!!  I zipped off on a quick lunch break and got my champagne.  Whipped home to stow it in the frige so it would be nicely chilled when I got off work.  As I went to put it on the shelf, I noticed the bottle did not say “Brut” as I expected, but “Blanc de Noirs.”  ACK!  I can’t drink that stuff (wine snob — yes).  So.  I will adjust.  My sister offered to walk to Sweet Life Patisserie with me this evening to get a piece of cheesecake.  I must admit the very thought sort of makes my stomach hurt, but perhaps we shall — I’ll have a couple of bites while my swapped bottle of champagne, which I will swap after work, chills in a bucket of ice.  By the time I get home, it should be delightful.

I did have one really fun part of the day today.  I called my Aunt Ethel who lives in Stratford, CT.  I was born on her 30th birthday, a long, long time ago.  We had a really nice conversation.  Lots of laughs, a few tears, and lots of news.  I’ll get to go visit her in about a month and a half.  It was wonderful to talk with her.  Happy Birthday Aunt Ethel!!

Whoa! Where does the time go?

This summer has been incredibly busy.  Work has been absolutely insane — nearly making me throw in the towel and taking retirement much earlier than the plan is now.  I work and work and the pile just continues to grow.  I’m beginning to realize I’m too old for all this stuff.  Of course, there is the side of me that says I’m a professional and can handle this — I’m a capable human being — but then the other says I’m so tired!  Ack.  Then there’s the quilting.  I’ve been quilting client quilts with one arm (I had another rotator cuff surgery in early July, but had people who would not wait), just steadying the machine with my left hand while not moving my left shoulder has been a real trip, but I’ve managed.  I got to go help a friend try to load EQ7 on her Mac, but we couldn’t get her hard drive to partition into Mac and Windows, so perhaps will go help with that when Apple Care helps her out with the drive.  I took a trip last Monday to EE Schenck in Portland with a local quilting buddy, and we managed to cram all our goodies into the car and make it back to Eugene without breaking any springs!  ;^P   Then, yesterday, a quilting friend and I took a trip to Seaside for a meeting of the Moxies — a group of Pacific NW quilters, mostly of the APQS persuasion, who all met at Lynda N’s fabulous studio for sharing, laughter, and wonderful food.  Luckily, we got to spend Friday night at Ellen’s cousin’s house in Cornelius, so we didn’t have to make that terribly long drive twice in one day.  Now I need to settle in and get a bunch of sewing done.  I have a quilt to finish up for the guild show, have a couple of customer quilts to get done, and have another to pick up tomorrow.  No rest for the wicked.

In the midst of this, I am experiencing more health problems.  Thankfully, no more body parts are needing to be restitched on, but I have plummeting blood sugar which makes my already dizzy life something to contend with.  I’m slowly getting it all figured out though, and should be back on an even keel soon.  Having to give up all sweet treats is so hard, but I’m finding good natural substitutes and I’m sure there are enough things on this planet to make me happy without missing some of those old bad things.

I’ll post some photos soon.  I’ve been clicking away with the camera, but haven’t really had time to edit and upload.  I’ll try to get to it soon!