The Taste of Summer

Remember these?


It’s marionberry time in my backyard.  They’re BACK!  And, right now, they’re in the oven in the midst of a wonderful marionberry crisp.

No, they’re not the former mayor of Washington, D.C., they’re a hybrid blackberry, sometimes called ‘the cabernet of blackberries.’  They’re so good, they’re even worth doing battle with the spiders to get to them.  Unfortunately, the arachnids spend a lot more time in the backyard than I do, so they’ve got dibs, but I manage to get over half of them for myself!

I’ve been picking them in the evening while Ozzie lounges in the pool after a vigorous ball-toss.

A very special day

One year ago today, while many, many folks were perusing the quilts over in Sisters, OR, a little puppy was being born over in Westin.  He didn’t know it then, but his name would be Ozzie, and he would come to live with a curmudgeonous old woman in Eugene, Oregon.  So, this morning, in celebration, we had a good ball toss in the back yard:

After several thousand (or, at least, it seems that many) tosses, I got to sit in my chair and drink coffee and do sudoku puzzles.  It is getting toasty out already, even though it will not be as hot today as it has been for the past few, so someone decided to celebrate with a birthday dip:

Looks like we’ll need a little more water in there for later in the day.  We also need a bath and a haircut!


The Dog Days of Summer

Well . . . not really.  Dog days of summer usually refers (I believe) to the days when it’s so hot you can’t do anything but loll around with your tongue hanging out like a dog, but in my life, every day seems to be a dog day.  Not because of the heat . . . because of the DOG!  It was 57 here this morning, but they do say it will warm up.  We’ve been visiting the dog park a lot lately.  Our park doesn’t have a lot of amenities, but it has lots of space, lots of quiet, and, lately, lots and lots of grass.  No one has mown the fields yet, so the ball gets lost frequently.  Fortunately, someone’s schnauzer schnout has developed great powers, and he manages to find the ball more often than not.  Most of the time, I throw it, and all I see for a while is the little tail wagging above the grass blades.

But, he finds it and then proudly brings it back

After a while, we get a bit tired

And then we get really tired

And then even I need to go sit.  We have a fairly cool bench at the park, dedicated to a man and his dogs who used to walk there

It’s decorated with typical Eugenean art

And from there we can survey the peaceful surroundings

Until we’re off to hunt for the ball again

Happy Independence Day weekend to all.  We’re off to run, fetch, sit, stay (oh, and quilt a little too).