Fridays come with an early buzz

Just in from the morning’s walk.  I think next week I’ll have to wear my parka.  I get way too cold walking out around the pond and have difficulty warming up when I get home.  Since I didn’t get much sleep last night, I’m going to wrap up in a quilt and take a brief nap before I get back to quilting.  I know a little dog who would gladly join me.  After all, he was on that walk too, and he took a lot of side trips to sniff things!  I had my 10,000 steps and my little buzzing wrist dance about a mile before the end of the walk today.

Friday walk

Fitness slacker

Well, between calling insurance, the doctor’s office, and trying to finish this custom quilt, I have basically not moved for two days.  Not only do I feel like a slug because of it, my dog looks totally depressed.  I may get the quilt done tonight, and if so, we’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow.  Just two feathered borders, a row of parallelograms, and a row of continuous curve to do, then I’m done!  Well, not really.  I made the binding and need to stitch that on too, but it won’t take too long to do that.  I made the binding while I was on retreat.  That seems so long ago, and it has taken me this long to get all this mess straightened out with insurance billing.  At least, I hope it’s straightened out!  I have to call in the morning to make sure.  I’ve threatened to show them pictures of my scars if they have any questions — I would think that would be serious motivation right here.  ;D

Early and often

No, no voting going on here today.  However, I finally got back to my Friday walks with my sister.  We walk along a canal and pond near her home and, since it’s a bit over five miles for the total walk, I had no problem hitting my 10,000 steps today.  In fact, I had accomplished that goal before 9:30 this morning!  While it doesn’t give you a lot to strive for during the day, I have to say that it’s nice to have met your fitness goal early in the day.  It frees you up to take care of so many other things.  So, I should do this early thing much more often. Friday walk 11-8-2013

My fitness obsession

Okay.  I’m not pressing 200 lbs. each day and I’m not running marathons, but as you know, I’m making an effort to get healthier lately.  Why?  Well, for one thing, I’m not ready to die yet.  For another, I’ve witnessed too many things happening to friends in my age group (or younger), and I think . . . if we were a little stronger, maybe that stuff wouldn’t happen.  Here is the group of quilters with whom I just attended my quilting retreat at Silver Falls.

Silver Falls Group fall 2013


It’s a wonderful group of women.  I am one of the younger ones, but I’d say there are two ladies in the group who are older than me and probably in better shape!  Why?  They are active, vibrant women.  There are a few in my age category who really have trouble getting around, and I just don’t want to go there.  We hear so much these days about taking anti-oxidants to keep us young and healthy.  I’ve come to think of this as just what it says – rust preventers.  The other thing that prevents rust is movement!  So, move it or lose it, as they say.  I’m choosing to move!

Happy feet

My new shoes arrived bright and early this morning.  They are very comfortable, and the upper part of the shoe is much more substantial than my older shoes, so these are more appropriate for the fall weather.  We have another bright and beautiful day here in Eugene, so Ozzie and I will be back out on the road later today for a good walk.  Since the skies are so clear, it gets a bit chilly here at night — temperatures have been near freezing — so we’ll wait for things to warm up a bit before we head out.  This will give me some time to quilt and, perhaps, time for my Fitbit to arrive so that I can take it for a test drive.  The tracking information says it’s on the truck, on it’s way to my doorstep.

In the meanwhile, here are some photos from yesterday’s walk.  The trees are so pretty this year!

Madison St trees 2

19th St trees

Tyler St trees