It’s here!!

Well, the days have flown by and it’s almost time for me to leave for the Bahamas. I am excited, but there is a caveat. Somehow or another, I have re-tweaked my back and I can barely get off the couch. I don’t care, I’m going anyway. I’ve taken a flexeril and a pain pill, and I’ll just stay here on the couch till it’s time to go. My niece, who will be house-sitting for me, should arrive at about 11:45 tonight when she gets off work. I’ve changed the bedding in my room and she can just head in there to go to sleep. That way, I won’t wake her at 4:00 a.m. when I get up to get ready. The shuttle will be here at 4:30, and the nice man always carries my bags for me, so I just need to limp out to the van without screaming too much, and try not to wince when we go over bumps. Good grief! Why did this have to happen tonight? I think the snow has stopped for now. We got about another 1/2 inch over the last couple of hours, but the roads look more wet than slick. They do say we could get up to 2 inches by 6 a.m., but I’ll pray it just stops now. I took a small bag of garbage out a few minutes ago and the stars were out.

I most likely won’t be on line much while I’m gone. I will be taking my computer, but mostly to journal and keep track of my food and miles walked. The internet connection on board is ridiculously expensive (or so I was told on the phone with Carnival) so I most likely won’t connect often. Besides, I’ll be swimming, shopping, checking out the dudes, etc. I’m also taking a book and some sudoku puzzles, just in case I get bored.

Please, oh please, let my back let go of me before 4:00 a.m.!

Only eight more days

and I can get out of this cold!  I realize I have become a big wimp.  I moved here in 1979 — right after the infamous winter of 1978, when people were being buried in their cars by the snow plows in Rochester, NY.  I lived just south of there in Geneva, NY — right on Seneca Lake, largest of the Finger Lakes.  They had to bring dump trucks and bucket loaders into town to load up the snow and take it down to dump in the lake, as there was no where to pile it.  Remember phone booths?  Those little rooms with the folding/sliding doors that we used to get into to make a phone call when we were not at home?  Well, the one at the corner of the parking lot where I lived was buried in snow.  You could not find it.  Of course, you couldn’t really see out the windows of my apartment, because the icicles hung down so far and so thickly that they blocked the view.  The boys in the apartment next door and I played cards with our mittens and scarves on and talked about the wind chill factor INSIDE our apartments!  When I first arrived in Eugene, I laughed at people in their down parkas (remember those jackets that made you look like the Michelin Man? — geez, I’m OLD) when it was a toasty 30 degrees.  Now I’m one of them.  No, I don’t have a Michelin Man coat, but I am bundled in my long underwear, gloves, coat zipped up to cover half my face, artic 180s earmuffs, all in an effort to keep me from toppling over and shattering like a big icicle.  And it only got down to 21 last night!  Bahamas here I come.  I am only too ready to go.  I need warmth, I need fun, I need laughter.  I strongly suspect that my weight loss surgery has prevented me from fully absorbing my anti-depressant along with my food.  My mood has been gloomy, mirky and sluggish for a couple of months now.  I have to yank myself out of this morass I have climbed down into.  Should I not be rejuvenated when I return from the cruise, I will have to discuss an alternative with my doctor.  At least I recognize that I’m being an old poop.  That’s half the battle they say, don’t you think?

I need to register my fun pass on the ship, so they can charge me for anything I happen to buy on board.  Right now, I’m planning that there will be a massage charged to that account.  I’ve also promised Kimmy that I’ll be having one of those beverages with an umbrella in it.  Probably not any alcohol in it, but an umbrella nonetheless.  Well, time to get back to work now.  Groan – no wonder I’m depressed!

Must … Go … Shopping

A while ago, I got an email about this wonderful cruise on Carnival with a bunch of people from an on-line weight loss surgery group. The price was incredibly low and I had frequent flyer miles, so I decided I would go. I leave on the 30th. I did not, however, consider the expense of preparing for this trip. I have been heavy for so long that I had absolutely nothing that would look even remotely good on a cruise and, as some of you know, there are formal nights, etc., to be considered. I have spent quite a bundle in the past few weeks buying clothes. It does feel great to go into a store, pull something I like off the rack, take it into the dressing room, and it either fits or is too big. However, it really puts a dent in the budget. I did just get a raise, so that will help. Today I must shop for a nice pair of pumps and if possible, a simple black skirt. I have shorts and t-shirts, my Birks, Asics, Dansko clogs, black pants, two silk jackets, a formal dress and wrap, a couple of camisoles, and a blouse to wear. I think this will complete what I need except for (God forbid) pantyhose, etc. I don’t think I have worn a pair of panty hose in about 20 years. Well, off I go to see what I can find.

Hmm – I guess I saved this but forgot to publish it.  I am pooped!  I shopped till I dropped today.  Trying to find dress shoes in Eugene is very difficult.  We’re all about blue jeans and comfort.  I finally found a decent pair of dress shoes at Macy’s.  I was looking for black, smooth leather, not patent or suede, elegant and not gawdy.  Nearly impossible, but I found them.  I got a black skirt, a white camisole, panty hose (yipes), and I looked at a lot of things I did not buy.  My pedometer had 4,000 steps on it this morning from yesterday.  Now it’s up over 12,000.  I think I’ll put in a movie and veg on the couch.  Perhaps I’ll quilt tomorrow it the weather is bad.  I am planning on going to Portland, but if it’s icy, I won’t go.

A new day

Okay.  Enough of whining.  I slept in a bit today.  I was up late last night, doing nothing.  I’ve just made myself the most amazing cup of coffee — half n half, nicely frothed with a bit of sugar free amaretto syrup in it, an envelope of sugar free swiss miss, and good strong columbian coffee, freshly ground.  Then I’m going out for a walk.  When I get back, I will go out and prune the marionberries back while it’s not raining (wait, what is that yellow orb in the sky — burns us it does, my preciousssss), and then I will come in and color my hair.  Too many of those natural silver highlights showing up.  I have a plan, and I will do it.  Who knows, if I accomplish all of this, I may actually get my butt upstairs and quilt a bit.  It is getting close to the time I’ve promised a few customer quilts, so I should get mine finished and off the frame.  I have decided not to submit it to MQX this year.  I was stressing myself out.  So, there’s always next year.  I will most likely have a quilt in the pet fabric challenge and perhaps a garment.  Off I go.


Well, I had three weeks off from work.  Would that I could extend that time right into retirement.  But, no, I had to go to work this week.  Only four hours a day — I’ll probably extend that to six hours a day next week.  It is really difficult for me to sit for very long and, unfortunately, that is how I spend most of my day, seated in front of the computer.  I’ve been doing physical therapy and it is helping.  I’m getting stronger and I can actually feel muscles coming back where there was just flab and icky droopy skin (the awful part of losing weight).  I had hoped to get my whole cloth quilted for MQX, but I don’t think this will happen unless a miracle occurs in the next 12-24 hours.  I have it loaded, and I’ve started quilting it, but my back won’t let me stay at it for long.  I don’t want to force the issue and hurt myself, so I guess I’ll enter it in MQX next year (if it comes out well).

My retirement count down clock says I have 599 days left.  I really feel like I’m not going to make it.  One of the hazards of having the same job for about 20 years is that it gets boring, drab, annoying, and very hard to get up and go to every day.  I should have moved on years ago.  Now I just need to try and hang on — 599 more days.