Just a little drive-by

I’ve been so busy this fall.  Just haven’t found all that much time to post.  However, today (and most of yesterday) I attempted to replace the sump pump under my house, and spent over 12 hours today playing plumber.  So, here I am, laid-out on the couch, just exhausted.  I’ve got a little energy left in my fingers, so I’ll give you the sum-up of this fall’s events.  Let’s see.

I think I posted (should have looked before I started writing) about the Judy Niemeyer Bali Wedding Star I did.  Right after that, I did a Judy Niemeyer’s Glacier Star for a customer.  It was beautifully pieced, but contained some fairy frost fabric, which didn’t play nicely with my thread (not Glide, for once, and I’m sure Glide would have been a better playground partner).  Let’s see if I can find you a few photos of that one.

Glacier Star


Glacier Star detail


Glacier Star Back Side


It was done with some Karen McTavish motifs, free hand squiggles, CCs and flying geese loops.

I’ve been busy with lots of pantos, doing some piecing, and my main job – walking the dog and taking him to the dog park.  Ozzie is still obsessed with the ball, and has been playing “rabbit” while chasing the ball at the park.  Many of the older, heavier dogs who never learned to fetch are getting their exercise by chasing Ozzie around as he retrieves.

Went to MQX West in October, came home for four days, and left for five days of quilting retreat at Silver Falls.  That was pure heaven.  Now that I’m home, and the weather is getting wet, soggy, and cold, it’s time to do some home maintenance.  I’ve had cold air blowing from one of the living room heating vents, so I called the heating company to come out and take a look.  Well, they couldn’t get under the house, because it’s flooded under there!  I have a sump pump, but it hasn’t been running.  I checked it out and it seems kaput, so I went and got a new pump.  Getting down in the mud to replace the pump has not been fun.  Yesterday, I realized all the nuts and bolts on the collar above the pump were rusted and I couldn’t get them off.  So, my brother came with his grinder and cutting blade to cut them off.  To avoid electrocution, I needed to constantly bail with the shop vac, as he attempted to cut the bolts.  We made it!  This morning, I started replacing the pump and the plumbing, but it did not go well.  I got the pump in and connected fairly quickly, but the float that activates the pump was not functioning properly.  Finally, I headed off to buy yet another new pump and managed to finish installing it at about 8:30 tonight.  I am so tired, stiff, and sore.  The pump is working, but ideally, could use a better pipe connection.  I’ll perhaps work on that Sunday or Monday.  Tomorrow, I’m off to sew with my friends at Our Sewing Room.  If I can still move, that is!

I hope you are all well and having a good holiday season.  I can’t believe tomorrow is December!