Latest custom quilt

I just finished this quilt for my friend Becky yesterday.  It was on the machine way too long. Between my insurance woes, trying to send off the International World Painters Challenge Quilts, and just life in general, I had a really hard time trying to find a design for the parallelograms in the border.  I tried computerized designs and just making up something of my own, but I think my brain was disturbed by anything I tried because it was not symmetrical.  In the end, I just echoed them.  I think it looks fine now.  This was a lot of work, but I absolutely love the quilt.  There’s just something about a traditional blue and white that speaks to me.

Beckys quilt

Side borders Beckys quilt detail The back Back side back detail back right border


Okay!  Now time to get back out there for a walk!  ;D

Oh – and now for something completely different

Some quilting!  This is the lovely blue and white I have on the machine right now.  I’m heavily into the stitch in the ditch right now, and then I’ll be loading in the designs.  Lots and lots of border work here, which I’m still trying to plan, as the top and bottom borders are fatter than the side borders they join with.  This is my favorite kind of quilt for custom work.  I’m a very traditional kind of gal when it comes to quilts.

Blue and white


I’m trying to get this done in time for the weekend, so I can bang out a few more customer quilts.  I have some excitement coming up next week.  I’ll share more when I have all my planets aligned.  Speaking of which, even though it’s not planetary (well, technically, it is), there is an eclipse of the moon tomorrow (Friday) night.  It should happen almost right at moonrise.  Check it out.  Tonight’s moon is pretty spectacular!