Quilting Service

Machine Quilting Pricing
Each price level is based on a per square inch charge. To estimate the cost, multiply the length times the width of the quilt to arrive at the square inch factor, then multiply by the type of quilting you would like. i.e., 60 X 80 = 4800″ X .015 = $72.00 Prices may vary depending on the denseness of the quilting and design elements. Prices shown here are for estimating only. I will be happy to work with you to find a design in your price-range. Remember — finishing is priceless!

Economy quilting – $.010 per square inch (minimum charge $35)
You’ve finished your quilt, you don’t want anything fancy. You just want someone to put it together for you so you can snuggle with your blankie. I have a few basic open patterns that are available for this economy edge-to-edge quilting.

Over-All Quilting (also know as edge-to-edge) – $.0175 – .02 per square inch (minimum charge – $40.00)
This is an over-all design using a simple pantograph or medium stipple, meander, or free-motion quilting.


Over-All Quilting with Borders or Sashings – $.025 – .030 per square inch (minimum charge – $50.00)
This is an over-all design using more complex patterns of the above with a different pattern in the outer border. There is an additional charge for quilts having more than one border.

Custom – $.035 to .050 per square inch (minimum charge $60)
A more traditional style of quilting. Stitch-in-the-ditch (SID), cross-hatching, use of stencils, echo quilting, and many more traditional techniques and patterns may be used.

Heirloom – $.060 per square inch and up
Closer attention to all the little details, including tight background fills, areas of trapunto, and specially created designs to enhance your most special quilts.

Binding Services – Charged by the Linear Inch (sum of all 4 sides)
Cut and pieced, machine stitched to front and trimmed – $.15 per linear inch
Cut and pieced, machine stitched to front, trimmed, then turned and hand stitched to finish with mitered corners – $.35 per linear inch. (Yes – this is expensive. I would prefer you stitch down your own bindings, but I would be happy to attach them to the quilt top for you).

Pressing is included in the quilting charge

Piecing of the Backing
If your backing requires piecing, I will charge you according to the number of seams. I have access to a great many wide backing fabrics. Wide backings are also available at most of the local quilt shops. They are an economical way to provide a beautiful finish to your quilts, and make life easier for your quilter. Please ask to see the colors and patterns available.

A note on pieced backings: if you need to piece your backing, it is preferable that the seams be horizontal across the back. Vertical seams can cause sagging on the longarm frame and can result in tucks or puckers in the back of your quilt. If you choose to put extra blocks on the back of your quilt, you just do your best to make sure your piecing is flat at square to avoid sagging.

Thread charge
There is a $5.00 charge for thread for all quilts, some specialty threads may incur an additional charge

Payment may be made by cash, check, or by debit or credit card via Pay Pal and is due in full at the time you pick up your quilt.

Additional charges may be incurred for quilts with piecing problems such as overly generous borders, seams needing repair, etc. Prices are subject to change without notice.