Does she still quilt?

Well, yes she does!  It’s just that she’s been in SID hell for a while.  I finally have only about two advances of the quilt left on this one for my sister.  I’m SIDing all the arcs and spikes.  The alternate blocks will be filled with a stencil that looks a bit like a bicycle derailleur.  The quilt is for my sister’s husband and they are both really into bicycling.  Ginny was, at one time, the Oregon State Champion for women over 50.  She doesn’t race much any more.  



I’ve used Madiera Monolon for the SID.  I’ll go back when I’m done and quilt some spirals in the arcs and some funky stuff in the points, but for now, I just want the SID done.  I have to load a small quilt that needs to be outta here in a flash, so I’ll have to unzip this one when the SID is done!

Aw hell’s bells

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to post.  Actually, I’ve been most busy at feeling overwhelmed.  I start to do one thing and realize I have so much to do that I sort of flop on the couch in a dead faint.  Let’s see.  Here’s the list:

  • Clean the house
  • Finish my sister’s quilt on the frame
  • Put the other half of the border on the feathered star below
  • Cut out and partially piece the next feathered star for instruction purposes for the class
  • Cut out the pieces for the Rangeley Stars class I’m taking the first day of MQX
  • Put the last border on my challenge quilt for MQX
  • Quilt the quilt for MQX
  • Make the little quilt for my “Just the Basics” class at MQX
  • Go over and edit the handout for my “Just the Basics” class at MQX
  • Pack up all the stuff I’m going to need for classes at MQX

ARGH!!!  Will I get it all done?  Who knows?  I have a little sign around here that says:  “Nothing inspires like last-minute panic.”  The story of my life.  When will I ever learn?  I’ll get it done.  I always get it done.  I have no idea how, I just do it.  Late nights and lots of coffee.  Hell’s bells!

Feathered Star in the works

I will be the substitute teacher for “Making and Quilting a Feathered Star” at MQX.  The class was originally to be taught by my dear friend and very talented quilter, Ronda Beyer.  We will be using Ronda’s “Spanish Rose” pattern to make the center medallion of the quilt in class and then I will give some ideas on how to quilt it.  Here is the star I whipped together in one evening last week:


It looks a little lumpy because it is lying on top of my lumpy down comforter, but you can see that all the points come together just where they should.  The result of good instructions from the pattern, starching the fabric (I use Mary Ellen’s Best Press), careful cutting, and using the triangle paper for the HSTs.  I’m putting the borders on this week.  I have two on so far, but since this is my first week back to full-time employment, I’ve been a bit wiped-out each evening.  Hopefully, I’ll have it done by the weekend.

I’ll then partially construct another for the class, so I can show the students how the individual pieces come together.  If you’re interested in taking the class, please register at

After registering, you will need to let me know so we can send Ronda your snail mail address and get you the class packet so you can do your cutting before class.  I think it will be a fun class that will leave you with the skills to make a wonderful quilt.