The ruler is awesome!

Well, I have to admit that I knew it would be the minute I saw the demo on Judy’s blog.  I have been making a Rangeley Stars quilt, designed by Deb Tucker, and I’ve been using Deb’s Quilter’s Magic Wand and Tucker Trimmer to trim my HSTs and QSTs.  I like this better.  Don’t get me wrong.  Deb’s tools are great, and they make piecing that very complicated-looking block a breeze, but the one big advantage this ruler has over the combination of her two, is that I won’t lose the wand!!  The gals started laughing at me at our last quilting retreat because I kept losing my Quilter’s Wand.  The June Tailor Ruler has it built right in.  I did use my regular ruler when I couldn’t find the wand, but having the ability to mark both sides of the square so you can quickly sew and cut is a major bonus.  The June Tailor Ruler, like Deb’s has the ‘X’ in the middle which helps you line up your QSTs so accurately that you just can’t mess up (well, most of you can’t — I sometimes can if I’m not paying attention!).  I highly recommend the June Tailor Perfect Half- and Quarter-Square Triangle Ruler.  (I also have to say I recommend Deb Tucker’s patterns and taking a class from her if you get the chance.  She’s an awesome teacher and knows how to save a quilter time on fabulously-pieced blocks).  

Rating:  A+  I don’t think this ruler will gather dust on your selves if you like to piece.  It is a very useful tool for being accurate in your piecing.


I turned the corner onto my street this afternoon just in time to see the UPS man jumping into his truck, and I knew that he had just been to my house.  I could feel it.  I couldn’t remember what I ordered, and it turned out I didn’t order anything, but I received a lovely surprise.  Judy Laquidara, who was so very helpful to me when I was starting my longarm career and knew absolutely nothing about longarm quilting, had a little drawing on her blog for a really nifty trimming ruler for half- and quarter-square triangles.  This particular ruler is made my June Tailor and I was one of the lucky winners in the drawing!  Thank you so much to Judy and to June Tailor.


Another miracle of the Baptist Fans

I did a quilt on Sunday for a brand new quilter.  I had picked the quilt up at the LQS at the beginning of May.  I knew the quilt was wonky, but I didn’t really take the time to inspect just how wonky.  There was just something about this first-time quilter that struck me.  You know when you’ve met a genuinely nice person.  She was so excited about her quilt, but at the same time she was apologetic because she knew she had made it without any instruction and that it wasn’t the best quilt in the world.  Still, she had made it and she felt she wanted it quilted so she could enjoy it.  In cases like those, I gladly do the best I can to make the quilt nice and make the customer happy that she has embarked on this journey of increasingly more wonderful quilts.  Her fabric choices were sunny and bright too, and it made me happy just to look at the quilt.  So, I got it out of the bag and loaded it.  OY!  The eight inch squares were parallelograms, trapezoids, and rectangles.  The seam intersections did not all meet, and the seam allowances were 5/8″.  Still, I was not afraid, because I knew I had the miracle of the Circle Lord Baptist Fans on my side.  Here are some photos of the quilt with it’s wonkiness on the frame:  DSCN0757DSCN0760And here are some pictures of the finished quilt.  You can see that the arcs of the Baptist Fan helped to smooth out the fullness of the piecing and it turned out to be a cute little quilt.  The customer loved it, and I have a feeling it won’t be the last quilt she ever makes.  She’s got the class list from the LQS, she now knows about 1/4″ seams and square rulers, and she was very excited to get her quilt back.


A new quilter and, hopefully, a loyal customer, is born!


What a wonderful life it would be if we could go from quilting retreat to quilting retreat.  I just came home from four days at Silver Falls State Park. We stay in the lodges, have our meals prepared for us every day, and have a great big meeting hall where 24 of us fit comfortably and sew till the wee hours of the morning.  I worked on my Rangeley Stars quilt (picture shown here IMG_2790 is of the pattern by Deb Tucker,  With Deb’s permission, I will be teaching a class on this quilt at the Ocean Waves Quilt Camp (by Jane’s Fabric Patch) in October.  Here is a photo of a few of the blocks I have assembled for the center of my quilt.  


DSCN0734In addition to sewing, we get to hike the wonderful trails at the park, including the main river gorge with 10 waterfalls.  One of my favorite parts of the retreat is the campfire.  Our chefs prepared our fire for us this time and it ignited instantly and was a lovely blaze.  DSCN0721We sit around the fire, share home-made liqueurs, wine, stories, marshmallows, s’mores, and lots of laughs.  This year we had caramel marshmallows, chocolate marshmallows, and even roasted peeps!

On Saturday, our director of fun, Adonna (I really think she should be dubbed Queen or Empress of Fun, as she does such a wonderful job), taught a sun painting class.  Here are some of the gals displaying their projects.DSCN0735DSCN0739There were only two problems with this retreat.  One, I forgot to slather on the bug repellent I brought with me, and the no-see-ums ate me alive.  I’m still scratching!  Two, I had to come home to reality.  Ah, but I can dream of the next getaway — Ocean Waves Quilt Camp in the fall!