Clear! A Monday jumpstart

I’ve begun to get a bit worried about myself lately.  Not sure if I’m depressed because I’ve been sick or sick because I’ve been depressed, but things were getting a bit out of control.  Life was beginning to consist of get up, have a cup of coffee, go back to sleep.  Get up, eat lunch, go back to sleep.  Get up, watch the evening news, go back to sleep.  And on, and on, and on.  I gave in for a few days, but yesterday I made up my mind that I really had to get things done and I would clean and sew.  Well, I took the garbage out, and I managed to put all the dishes in the dishwasher, but as soon as it started, I lay down on the couch, and I was out like a light.  No energy.  Whatsoever.  So, I determined that today would be different.

I got up and got coffee, read my emails and had a little breakfast.  Decided I couldn’t lie back down on the couch if I put my comfy quilt in the wash (it really needed a good washing), so I started a little laundry.  I actually got dressed and even put on my shoes.  Of course, shoes mean outside, and Ozzie got very excited about this, so I decided that I would take him for a walk.  The poor thing has languished in here with me.  Nothing like an energetic pooch rolling his eyes and sighing all day long, most of which I missed viewing, as I was sound asleep.  We trudged off, once again stopping at the most-informative fire hydrant.  I never realized what a bulletin-board of news that would turn out to be.  The walk was great, until about half-way home, I heard a HUGE WOOF!  There across the street was a very large German Shepherd, sans leash, bounding out of its front door.  It made it to the sidewalk and stopped, but continued to bark.  Ozzie was totally freaked.  I bent down to try and pick him up and get him the heck out of there, and he slipped his leash and took off with the large German Shepherd in hot pursuit.  Being the rugged tomboy-type that I generally am, I stood rooted to the spot and screamed!  That stopped the German Shepherd from barking, Ozzie came running back and sat at my feet, and the street filled with neighbors wondering who on Earth had just been murdered or maimed.  I stood there just shaking as though someone had just applied paddles to my chest.  Okay, I’m AWAKE now!  I got Ozzie’s leash back on him and hurried off amid murmurs from the neighbors about that German Shepherd wandering about too often with no leash.  Remind me to not walk down Adams Street in the near future!

Of course, now that I’m home after that little adventure, I’m beat, but I think I can remain upright and get some sewing and cleaning done today.  If I end up sleeping again, I’m going in for some bloodwork.  I can’t spend more than half my life asleep.  This is nonsense.

The lost weekend

Hmmm.  I woke up feeling better today.  A bit queasy, but I put the coffee on, let the dog out, and jumped in the shower.  Got out, dried off, got dressed, let the dog in, had coffee and read my emails, facebook posts, etc.  Had some breakfast, and the next thing I know, it’s 4:30 p.m.!  I, apparently, have been zonked out on the couch all day.  Admittedly, I got up late.  I took a sleeping pill (actually half a pill) last night, and I guess they effect me like most other things . . . way too strongly.  Perhaps the next time I think I need a sleeping pill, I should take a quarter of one.  Wow – so . . . what happened today, everybody?  I’ve been asleep through the whole thing.  I do remember the dog barking and a noise at the front door which barely roused me from my slumber.  It was the postman, who brought me something new (NQR) that I will have to try and let you know whether I like it or not.  Anyway, I’d best get up and moving, as I’m tempted to just lie back and sleep until tomorrow.  I think I should at least go try to sew for a while or something.  What a waste of what was a beautiful sunny day from what I can remember.

The cover of the Rolling Stone

Well, not only did I have an article about me in the upcoming edition of the Country Register, but it turns out I have the local plague.  I guess it is contagious enough that it’s made the local evening news tonight.  Apparently, gastroenteritis (commonly referred to as the ‘stomach flu’ even though it is not an influenza) is making the rounds in large and rapidly growing quantities in all the neighboring towns.  Influenza is, of course, a respiratory disease and not a digestive system disease, but I’ve always noticed that when you’re sick to your stomach, most folks say ‘oh, you have the flu.’  Well ya, when I was younger, it was what we called the ‘bottle flu’ . . . caused by a night of debauchery on the town, one would be sick the following day (for some odd reason).  I think the worst of the digestive symptoms are leaving me (or at least I am praying they have) but I am left with one awful symptom.  The aches.  I didn’t sleep well at all last night because most of my joints felt as though they were on fire, and of course, night time is always the worse time for any symptoms of any sort.  So, it’s 11 PM and the aches have begun again in earnest.  I can’t decide if I should take a pain pill or a sleeping pill and really wish that I didn’t need to take either.  Probably not a very good idea to take both.  Hope this is gone soon.  As you can tell, I turn into a great big whiner when I’m ill.  Just don’t like it at all.  So, let’s hope that tomorrow I end up with something much more fun about which to talk!

Count your blessings

Wow.  Despite having been ill (and still being so, I think) there are many things for which I can be thankful.  For one, my jeans, even fresh out of the wash and dryer (oh so nice and toasty) are feeling rather loose these days.  I believe I’ve lost my holiday pudge plus.  I saw a post on facebook the other day that said men think women dream of finding the perfect man, while all women know that we really dream of eating and not getting fat!  How true, how true.  After all, we all know the perfect man is a myth, now, don’t we?  So, even though I’m not at my best, baggy jeans are cause for celebration.

Sadie is really coming around.  Vince has stopped hissing at her, but tends to sit and watch her which I think is creeping her out a bit.  She didn’t ask for this, so I’m sure she’s feeling a bit stalked.  You know, the uninvited attention as opposed to the supposed mutual bloom of new love where you look for that rush at every turn and eventually realize it’s not there.  Ah well, I think the two of them are working it out.  Ozzie still tends to be fascinated by Sadie and upsets her a bit when he eagerly dashes up to greet her.  I think she may even be getting used to that.  She is probably one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever seen, with one exception.  As I’ve done a good job of generalizing about men lately, let me focus on one of the very feminine of traits in this cat. She is, like most women, very focused when she spies what she wants.  Her first decision is where she has decided to make her nest.  My pillow.  I have one of those D-core pillows that creates a little cradle for my head.  I take this pillow with me on every trip, as I love it and it’s about the only thing I can sleep on.  Well, Sadie has decided this little hollow in the pillow is hers.  She’s not averse to sharing it with me, but if I move in my sleep and roll over on one of her paws, she’s not very happy about it.  She swatted me last night and, when I reached up to assure her it was okay, she let me know it was Not!  She bit me.  Well, not hard and brutally like Junior bit me last September, but she let me know not to do that again.  My poor pillow is getting a bit worn now, and I think I may have to surrender this one to Sadie and get myself a new one.

Fatigued Friday

I’ve not written for a few days, as I’ve been down with a bit of an intestinal bug since Tuesday afternoon.  This can cause one to not have much enthusiasm for writing, although I have done my share of reading and websurfing.  I think most of you know that I have hypoglycemia as a consequence of my gastric bypass in 2007, but I also have another uncommon complication of weightloss surgery.  The inability to vomit.  Good, you say. . . who wants to do that, anyway?  Well, there are times during a digestive tract bug that one would give nearly anything to get rid of what ails you and when you can’t . . . it just isn’t pleasant.  Anyway, today dawned cold and foggy, and I didn’t really feel all that bad, so after a cup of coffee, I decided that we’d try for Doggie Facebook part trois.

It’s only about 35 degrees F out, but the sun is peeking out of the low clouds, so I decide to head off with the dog.  It promises to be an interesting walk, as someone has posted news of such import at the fire hydrant on the corner, that it deserves intense scrutiny including tail-wagging, long pauses, flipping over to the other side of the hydrant to read the story continued, no doubt, on page 4b, and news of such national import, that I literally had to tug him away to get him walking again.  We could have been there all day!  I am bundled into my parka and gloves, parka zipped all the way up with the lower part of the hood fastened around the lower part of my face to prevent freezing.  A few blocks after the fire hydrant, I realize this may not have been the best idea for the day.  I am sweating profusely, and feel a tad bit dizzy.  Hmm. . .did I eat anything after that cup of coffee?  No.  I don’t feel well, why would I want something to eat?  Blood sugar, dear.  Blood sugar.  At any rate, I find that undoing the hood bits from around my face and unzipping the top of the jacket from around my neck revives me, so we carry on.  We make it to the park and deposit our little gift, but a few blocks beyond that, we decide there is more for the giving, so we need to head back to the park and the receptacle.  By this time, I’m really realizing that I’m getting soaked in my jacket, and I’d best head for home.  We are, however, about half-way through the walk, so no matter what, we’ve got an equi-distant path no matter which way we decide to go.  There’s that dizziness again.  Maybe I should just slow up and stop for a bit.  Nope . . .that makes it worse, so let’s just keep going.  Besides another critter of smaller size but equal ferocity coming out to give Ozzie what for, we make it to the front door.  Now that I’ve been collapsed on the couch for about 15 minutes, I think I need to peel off these wet clothes (did I mention it’s now a bright sunny day?) and get myself into the shower.  Oh  . . . and perhaps have something to eat.  I’m pooped.  No pun intended, but there it is.

Lost and then found!

Well, I figured I’d look in the most inaccessible place in the house first.  I’m so smart.  There she was, way, way, way in the back corner of my 6′ x 6′ cutting tables, firmly ensconced on the top of a box of garment bags, directly behind several wire-basket racks of fabric.  Oy!  There would be no way to get her out except removing all the stuff (I shudder at the thought), but I did manage to coax her around the back side and get her out that way.  The door to the studio is now firmly closed — I didn’t want her going up there, as I haven’t vacuumed up the strings from the last quilt, and cats ingesting thread is not a good idea.  Hopefully, she will have been still too freaked out to stop on her way to graze, but just headed for a good hiding spot.  She’s under my bed now, and Vince is in there talking to her.  It doesn’t sound like what he has to say is very nice, but at least he’s not hissing at her.  We’re making progress!


I can’t find Sadie!  She came out from under the recliner last night and started warming up to everyone.  Vince even stopped hissing at her.  We all went to bed early, as I was (and still am) under the weather, and I slept with Ozzie under my left arm, Vince under my right, and Sadie as a crown around my head on my pillow.  Quite cozy.  Now that I’m finally up for the day (I’ve got some sort of bug and feel absolutely lousy), I can’t find her!  I have the door to the sewing room closed, and I did have the door to the studio closed, but I think Vince pried it open in the middle of the night.  I’ve called her and called her, but am getting no response.  Looking under things to find her hiding space is not going to be easy.  Remember my big fall of a few weeks ago?  While I am mostly recovered from it, I believe I severely damaged my left knee cap.  It’s not painful at all until I try to kneel down on it.  Just no can do.  So, I’m going to be up and down looking under furniture, etc., for this little kitty.  I’d just let her be and come out on her own, but we have a wellness check-up at the vet at 3:30.  Sadie!!!  Where are you kitty?

Here she is!

Well, Sadie has been under the recliner all day, so I found her adoption photo and will post that here.  I’ve plied her with treats, food, and water, and she just came out for a bit, so I don’t want to spook her with camera flash.

When she is out in the room, she’s pretty frisky.  I’ve got a few toys to spring on her when she’s feeling a little more secure.  Vince is still hissing when he sees her, but I am SO happy to say that he has ceased howling.  Maybe the arrival of a new cat has brought home to him that Junior is, indeed, gone.  Sadie is so sweet, she begins to purr loudly almost the instant you touch her.  She and Ozzie have done some nose touching and rubbing up next to one another.  Now we just have to work on Vince.

I received a package through UPS today from the Country Register.  You may see these free publications in your local quilt store.  They are regional, so if you don’t live in Oregon, you won’t get the Oregon issue.  The February/March edition is the annual quilting and needlework issue, and guess who’s part of the story on page nine?  Just across from my ad on page eight!  I was so surprised to see it, but boy is it nice.

Ozzie and I ventured out in the downpour today (we have nearly 2 inches of rain in just over 12 hours) and ran errands to the bank, Costco, and PetSmart.  I had to go to the bank not only to make a deposit, but because when I tried to use my debit card yesterday (to pay Sadie’s adoption fee) my card was declined.  When I called the credit union, they told me they had cancelled the card and I was supposed to be using the one they sent me in October.  Say what?  I never did get a new card, so today, we had to go fix that.  We laid in supplies for both the animals and myself, and I’m very glad we did.  I have been wondering why my joints hurt so badly lately, despite my walking, walking, walking, and stretching exercises.  Apparently I have a virus, so I’ll be on the couch for a day or two.  I hope this passes quickly.

It’s so quiet!

Well, despite having a bit of a queasy feeling in my stomach about it, I headed off to Greenhill Humane Society yesterday afternoon and adopted the sweetest little black cat named Sadie.  I am hoping that she and Vincent will become friends, snuggle, and keep Vince from howling his fool head off 24/7.  The howling seems to have stopped, but it’s been replaced by occasional hissing.  Typical male, Vince has been totally miserable for a few months now, but when you try and fix the problem for him, he’s totally pissed about it.  I thought I would get you all a picture of Sadie after she came out from behind the toilet in the bathroom, but she’s now taken up residence under the recliner in the living room.  When she’s not hiding and trying to figure out what’s going on, she’s a wonderful kitty.  Very affectionate — in fact, when I walked into the cattery, she walked over to me, stood up on her hind legs and put her paws on my knee, and when I bent down, she kissed me on the nose.  That was all it took for me.  Sadie is a year old and had been adopted last October, but her owner brought her back because she moved in with someone who doesn’t like cats.  I don’t know about you, but I would have chosen the cat over just about anyone else!  She’s got a really weird-looking tail, as she had an infection at the tip of it and required a bit of surgery to finally heal it up.  So, half of her tail has hair that is half as long as the rest of the tail.  It gives her some character — perhaps that’s what has Vince so upset.

Ozzie, by the way, is very careful with the little kitty.  They’ve touched noses several times now and Sadie gave Ozzie a good rub this morning as she walked around him.  I think they will be fast friends.  Now we just need to get Vince to mellow out.

Pictures coming soon when I can get Sadie out in the open. It may take a few days.  I’d rather they all ease into the adjustment than to force the issue and end up with a cat fight in the middle of my house!

Doggie Facebook Part Deux

I’m beginning to rally from my bout of laziness, induced by traveling about in dirty weather.  Ozzie and I managed another walk this morning, and the minute we turned off the main road, it became apparent that something unusual was afoot.  We were walking in the road, but Ozzie’s Schnauzer-snout was firmly pressed to the ground, and we were obviously on a mission.  When we turned the corner, we could see the object of his desire – a Bassett Hound just up ahead of us, happily waving her tail in the air and displaying her Congressional Support Button.  Ozzie was beside himself, walking up the street on his hind legs, desperate to make contact with this vision of feminine pulchritude.  We did eventually catch up, and after a most thorough sniffing, decided that perhaps this was not the pinnacle of Ozzie’s dreams.  We moved on.  A bit of Doggie ADHD followed.  A woman approaching us from behind on a motorized scooter, which absolutely fascinated Ozzie until a squirrel darted from the curb . . . oh, LOOK, a SQUIRREL!  Followed by a couple of large crows who drew his attention in another direction until two women came around the corner with two golden retrievers.  Oz generally likes big dogs, but two of them simultaneously seemed a bit off-putting, so we traveled on to the park.  More squirrels.  We finally got away and started back home.  We took a few streets we’d not been on before.  At one point, a dog enclosed in a heavily-screened porch came to yap at us.  Ozzie was so upset by whatever he had to say, that he immediately pulled me right up on the curb and peed on one of the trees.  He gave the barking dog a look as if to say, take that!  Ah, dogs.  They never cease to entertain, and they are always so happy to see us.  Life is good.

Now, on the howling kitty front, Vince has not been happy since the passing of our beloved Junior.  He howls nearly incessantly.  Including howling at 3 a.m.  It can be most distressing.  I think he misses the mutual grooming and snuggling with another cat.  Ozzie is just not that warm and cuddly to Vince, so he paces the house, looking for some love.  At times, he throws himself on the floor right in front of me (regardless of my intent to keep walking or not) and presents his tummy for rubbing.  I think that we may venture out to the humane society today to try and find a cuddly companion for my poor cat.  I hope it will bring the howling down to a minimum, but I also fear that Vince may just teach a new cat to howl along with him.  I’m not quite sure what to do, but I am leaning toward a new cat.