How time flies

Wow – have I really not posted here in over a month?  Life has been very stressful lately.  Work has been insane. . .flying in nine faculty job candidates, paying hotel bills, processing travel reimbursements, then reimbursing the faculty for taking all the candidates out to dinner, lunch, breakfast.  OY!  Refinancing the house. . .which calls for cleaning it, so the appraiser can come in.  Most of you who know me know that I am not a tidy housekeeper.  De-cluttering and deep cleaning have been a priority and I really HATE cleaning! Anyway, I see at the end of my last post I talked about setting up my photo software on my Windows computer, and I finally got the Windows computer set up yesterday, so we may have photos soon.  Time to get the camera back out.  There are so many beautiful things this time of year to photograph.  My daffodils are blooming and the flowering plum trees are in bloom all over town.  Ozzie is chomping at the bit to go to the dog park today and it is gloriously sunny and beautiful, so we will, no doubt, go.  And the MOON!  Did you see that moon last night?  Wow.  When it first came over the horizon, it was HUGE.  Tonight is the actual full moon, so I expect it will be even lovelier, if that is at all possible.

Ozzie and I are off to Portland in the morning.  Visit to the gastroenterologist (yuk) and to the fabric wholesaler (yeah!).  Well, it would be more fun if I were going to buy things for me, but I basically need to put the econ department back in supply of cheesecloth. . . .nothing seems to work so well for cleaning whiteboards.  But, at least I get to look around while I’m there, and I have a feeling that Judy Martin’s new book Stellar Quilts will somehow make it’s way into my basket.  Not only does the book have a fabulous title, the quilt designs I’ve seen in it so far are wonderful.

I hope Sunday is beautiful where you are.  Be sure to check out the moon tonight!