I’m moving along

Well, I’m still feeling a bit funky, but went to the doc to get things adjusted a bit this morning.  I have managed to start sewing a bit and may actually have my Cat Quilt for the MQX Pet Challenge done by the time it’s due to be entered on March 1.  Of course, that’s the top that will be finished — I’ll still have to quilt it and put the embellishments on.  Geez – I’ve had the pattern picked out for months (even before I got the fabric), and just managed to get motivated enough to start on the top a few nights ago.  I hope they will accept a photo of the unquilted top as my entry.  Nothing inspires me like last minute panic.  When I went upstairs to start on the quilt, I spent about a half hour tearing my studio apart, looking for the fifth fat quarter that was part of the challenge, until a little light went off at the back of my brain that said, “why don’t you head down to the computer and check to see exactly how many fat quarters were actually in the challenge packet?”  Low and behold, there were only four!  😉  Some days it’s just not worth chewing through the restraints.  I’m glad I checked, so I could get on with the actual sewing.  I meant to post a pic of the progress so far.  I brought the top with me yesterday so I could pull the paper out of it (paper pieced) and I actually had the camera with me, but I forgot to take a picture.  Today I have the camera, but I didn’t bring the quilt top.  Oh well.  Hopefully, things will be better soon!

I’m still walking, and walking, and walking some more.  I did 13,000 steps on Monday and made it over 11,000 yesterday.  Let’s see what today holds in store.

Life changes

You know, change is good. Well, sometimes things change for the worse, but I think it you wait long enough, they head back for the better again. I was out for my afternoon walk today and the drizzle was just starting, but it actually felt kind of good. It was then that I noticed that my feet don’t hurt, my ankles don’t hurt, my back doesn’t send hot bolts of lightning down my leg anymore. Moving is actually sort of a free and easy experience. What a difference from just a few blog entries ago. A life of pain and misery has been converted to one of more ease and comfort. Now if only someone would light a fire under my butt and get me moving. I’m going to finish cleaning the living room tonight so I can head upstairs to sew in the morning. I’ll worry about the kitchen sometime tomorrow. It can use a good scrubbing. I think there are a lot of things in my life that need a good scrubbing. I’m gonna start working on that.

The big tease

This time of year is always such a tease in Oregon.  They’ve been saying it’s going to rain — well, okay, we had a little drizzle yesterday — but the sun is back out today, it’s nearly 60 degrees out and it is just too nice to be inside.  I’ve been out for two walks already.  Once at my morning break, and a longer one at lunchtime.  I may just go out and sit on one of the park benches this afternoon, because I’m tired.  I don’t sleep all that well anymore.  Well, I sleep well, but not for a long period of time.  I’ve been waking up every morning at 4:45 a.m., so I get up and get ready and come into work.  I had quite the workout at physical therapy on Monday and my legs are so sore.  And now I just have to be outside and I generally walk once I get out there.  Hopefully, I’ll sleep well tonight, but I have a bit of sewing to do when I get home.  I have to hem a pair of pants for my niece, then I have a quilt block and a small quilt to work on.  Hopefully, this weekend, I’ll get my next customer quilt on the machine.

I guaranteed myself a bit more sewing time a few nights ago.  I called DirecTV and asked them to disconnect my service.  I get sucked into the TV all the time, mindlessly watching stuff I’ve already seen or stuff I generally would have no interest in.  So, now if I care to watch, it will have to be a DVD I already have in the house.


Cruisin’ and quilting

Well, I have been zipping around in my new car.  I just love this thing.  It is quite a bit bigger than my Civic (now my brother’s Civic) but is very comfortable to drive.  It actually fits in my tiny garage, which is good, but if I hadn’t lost weight, I might not be able to fit between the car and the garage wall when I get out of it!  Thank goodness it has an electronic 8-way seat adjustment, because it has taken me some fiddling to find the best position for driving.  Being old and creaky, it’s pretty easy to get stiff from trying to get through traffic in a new car and not being properly fitted in the seat.  I think I finally got it today though, no stiff neck or tired arms when I got out of the car.  Unfortunately, one of my errands for today was to go and get my hair cut.  I look like Buster Brown.  Why am I never very good at explaining to a stylist that I want MINIMAL bangs, not a major bumper of them on my forehead?  Also, she didn’t cut the rest of it short enough.  I got it cut because I lost an awful lot of it with the weight loss, and it looks a little stringy long.  I decided if it was off my shoulders, it wouldn’t look so stringy.  Oh well, I guess I’ll live with it a few weeks and then go back and get it re-shaped.  At least, although it’s thin, it’s been growing fast.  I hope it begins to thicken back up — the loss seems to have stopped for now.

My brother has been calling me a couple of times a day to tell me how he got screwed on this used car he just bought (my old car).  He is, of course, kidding and, while this sort of thing could become annoying, he’s been feeling a bit down this winter and it’s so good to hear that jokester in his voice again, I’ll put up with it (well, for a while anyway).  He even shampooed the carpets and the seats yesterday — I think he’s a happy boy.  I still haven’t told my sister in Oregon that I bought a new car.  She will have a fit that I just didn’t decide to take the bus all the time.  No expenditure is ever a good idea in her eyes.

I’ve got some fabric ready to go to make a block for Gina, and then I will get going on my cat quilt for the MQX Pet Challenge.  I hope it comes out okay.  It should be pretty cute, but then again, things often look different in my mind’s eye.  It’s a good weekend for sewing and looking out the window.  It is absolutely gorgeous out — sunshine, very little wind — but it is COLD!  They said it would warm up today but, if it has, I sure haven’t detected it.  Have a great weekend all.

It’s here already!

Oh my gosh!  The car dealership called this morning to say they expected my car at the end of the month, but it arrived last night.  It is going through safety inspection today and, of course, removal of all the packing goo, so I can pick it up tomorrow.  So, I get a new car for Valentine’s Day.  HAH!  Last year, I met Freddie on Valentine’s Day.  What a disaster that was.  I hope this turns out to be better.  As my sister says, if it has tires or testicles, it’s bound to give you trouble.  😉

The cool geezer-mobile

Well, I finally did it. I have been researching new cars for some time now. I desperately wanted a Honda Pilot, but I just didn’t want to deal with the mileage issues, so I decided to down-size a bit. I bought a Honda CR-V this afternoon. It is Green Tea Metallic and will be in around the end of the month. honda-cr-v.jpg

My current car is a 1994 Honda Civic. I love that little car, but it is a manual transmission and my ailments of late have made it very difficult for me to get around in a stick shift car. I’ve had a morton’s neuroma on my left (clutch) foot for the past several years. I had surgery on it, but it still gets very painful from time to time. Not pushing in that clutch all the time will give me some relief. Then, last Friday, my right arm decided to stop working. I got an intense pain in my deltoid, and by the end of the day, I could barely move my arm. I spent most of the weekend on the couch feeling sorry for myself. So, today, I had a CD that came due at the bank, so I took out a sufficient amount to put a down payment on the car, renewed the CD with the rest of the funds, and decided to go car shopping. I knew what I wanted — I’ve been on the internet (mainly kbb.com) for months. I went to the Costco car-buying site, filled out the info, and when they called, I headed over to look at the cars. I was sold from just about the first moment I sat in the seat. Well, as I said, I already knew what I wanted. We talked financing, I got a couple of options, brought the payment sheet home, called the insurance agent (it will only raise my rates by $60 — an advantage of being a geeze), and I will take the deposit check in tomorrow morning. I’m excited now. The seats fold down, so I can get rolls of batting in the back too!

My brother is buying my Civic — I gave him a good price, and he will give his older Prelude to his daughter, so it turns out to be a win/win situation for the whole family.

I’m home – finally

The cruise was marvelous, but getting home was more of an effort than I would have liked. I did manage to get up off the couch at 4:00 a.m. and get ready for the shuttle to pick me up for my flight out of Eugene. It was snowing, but we managed to take off. I made it to Florida without incident, and met up with my roommate and two other friends from the weight loss surgery board. We met a bunch of other WLS patients for lunch the following day and then headed out to the ship. A couple of the gals were local, so we didn’t even need to call a cab. They gave us a ride. We took our carry-on bags to our rooms and headed up to the Lido deck for lunch. Here’s my first cruise ship food on the Lido deck: cruise-1.jpg

I promised Kimmy I’d have one of those yummy drinks with an umbrella in it, so here’s what I ordered. cruise-2.jpg

I can’t remember what it was called, but it was so full of alcohol that I managed about three sips of it before dumping it out. It sure was pretty and I got to keep the glass, so it wasn’t a total waste. I also kept the cute little umbrella.

We headed into Freeport, Bahamas the next morning. That beautiful blue water was beckoning to us as the ship headed into port. cruise-3.jpg

Of course, my roommate and I weren’t too interested in the beach. We headed into Port Lucaya to do some jewelry shopping. I got a few nice things at a good price, but felt taken on a tanzanite ring I bought. I am awaiting resolution of a complaint to Diamonds International. cruise-4.jpg

That evening, we headed for Nassau, arriving early the next morning, where we disembarked to do more shopping. I got lots of colorful t-shirts for summertime and even a few summer dresses. Here is our ship docked in Nassau: cruise-5.jpg

On the other side of the port was the famous Atlantis resort. My roommate and I were going to take a cab over and check it out in the afternoon, but we were so pooped from shopping till we dropped, that we ended up taking a nap on the ship and missed the opportunity. At any rate, here is a long distance pic: cruise-6.jpg

We headed out that night, spent the next day at sea, complete with Super Bowl Party,  and made it back to Jacksonville the following morning. Trying to get home from the airport was a nightmare. I ended up spending the night at a very nice Hilton at the airport in Washington, DC, but only was there for 4.5 hours, most of it trying to sleep. I made it home about 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Now, if someone could get the ground to quit moving, I’d say it was a wonderful trip!