What a good day

Today was very fun.  My wonderful friend Ronda came to visit me today.  First, she managed not to faint when entering my house.  I’m the world’s worst housekeeper to begin with, and with lying about on my back lately, I’ve really not done any housework.  I did try to do a little vacuuming and just a quick swiffer mop of the kitchen, but I didn’t get very far before she caught me.  😉  I shoved all the major junk in the bedrooms and shut the doors!  We headed out to Something to Crow About to shop for some wool and felted wool for a sewing bag we will make a Ocean Waves Quilt Camp in October.  Then we had lunch at the North Bank, right by the Willamette River in Eugene, but we chose to eat inside as it was rather chilly out.  Then we headed to downtown Eugene for a little trip back to the sixties.  We strolled through our Saturday Market and were amazed at all the sights.  From old hippies who should have been slathering on the lotions they were peddling, to a overdose of tie-dye, to the young gal with the 10-inch long multi-colored mohawk, it was quite the people-watching event!  As we strolled, I heard someone call out, “Well, well, it’s Linda Steller!”  I was afraid to look, but it ended up being my friend Jeanne – another quiter and friend, so I was safe!  We then headed out to the Quilt Patch, another shop in Eugene, where I managed to get some nice fabric which was all on sale for $5 a yard.   The combo doesn’t look so great in the picture, but trust me, it really does all go together.  Then we headed back to my house and Ronda left before the Duck and Husky fans began to go wild.  The game doesn’t start till 7 PM, but they had already begun to party across from the stadium when we were heading to the quilt shop in the morning!

 I really needed a nice visit from a good friend today.  We had fun.

Lovely photos

I picked up my pictures today.  Not the ones that folks usually want to see.  The MRIs actually don’t look that bad, but the CT shows the story of the damage.  I couldn’t get the lines off the picture at the L4-5 level, but that level looks almost as bad as the rest.  Discs are supposed to be nice and thick and cushy.  You can see that my bottom two are thin and squished out.  The third from the bottom is bulging.  It looks to be bulging in just one area, but the CT report says it has a big 360 degree bulge.  GEEZ!  Anyway, here is my lovely spine, or at least a few slices of it.


As Bette Davis said, “Old age is no place fer sissies.”  She wasn’t just whistling Dixie!  I did find out today that the doc I will see next Tuesday has been known to do three-level fusions.  I’m also glad for Jan’s comment that she’s had three levels fused and is pain free.  The doc I see next Tuesday does Dynesys Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization, which I think will be along the line of the fusion Jan had.  I am hoping it will be the ticket for me.

And on we go!

Thank you all for commiserating with me.  I am very disappointed, but, I have always believed that each day is what you make of it, and today is a beautiful day.  I will do my chores, work at some quilting projects, and I’m going out to dinner with my family tonight, so I am going to have a great day.  Pity party over (well, for now anyway 😉  )   I am very disappointed, but I will find someone to help me.  I cannot go through life being afraid to move.  I did a lot of web research last night and already have a couple of plans of action in mind.  So – on we go.

No surgery for me

Well, under normal circumstances, this would be good news, right?  However, it is because I have three severely degraded discs in my back that I will not be able to have surgery on Tuesday.  They tell me that a three-level fusion would only eventually cause me more pain.  I am stunned.  I am devastated.  I cannot live the rest of my life in this agony.  I guess I will hang on as I seek a second, third, fourth, opinion.  In the meantime, I suffer.  Time — such a precious thing.  I don’t know how much longer I can endure this pain.  All my surgeon could offer was to send me to a pain management doctor.  I cannot deal with this right now.  I think I will take my sleeping pill and just try to numb myself for a while.

I’ve been a terrible blogger again

You know when your mom used to say, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all’?  Well, I’ve been in a bit of a funk and I supposed that no one would want to listen to the whining.  However, I will be having surgery on my back next Tuesday and I can look forward to most of the pain being gone, hopefully, right away.  I’m sure I’ll have some pain from my incisions, but we can at least get my bones off of my nerves!  That is a good thing (she says in her best Martha-like tones).  In the meanwhile, I’ve been preparing some hand-work to do while I’m laid up.  I have an applique project I’ll be working on that I hope will come out nicely.  I’ve also been marking a Monet’s Wedding Ring quilt (from Judy Martin’s Scraps book) that my sister made as an anniversary gift for her daughter’s and son-in-law’s fifth wedding anniversary.  I think it will come out nicely, once I’m able to quilt again, if I can just figure out how to finish the border!  I’m also having my new Sylvia sewing cabinet and my machine (DSM) set up in my spare bedroom, so if I’m able to sew at all, I won’t have to go upstairs to do it.  I imagine it will be a bit before I feel like climbing the stairs to the quilting studio.

Thanks to my most excellent Preferred Care Provider (aka my doctor), I have been kept relatively comfortable while I await surgery.  You know the pain is bad when generous helpings of percocet no longer manage it.  I was finally put on Fentanyl patches a few weeks ago.  I am now at the part where they are not totally managing the pain, but I think I can hold out till next Tuesday.  I also get to apply a fresh patch today and have some tips from the pharmacist on how to get them to stick well and, therefore, work better.  I’ve spent way too many nights awake on an ice pack.

So, as the summer dwindles down, here’s to all of you settling back into making gorgeous quilts and to me having some off time to work on quilting projects as lack of pain permits.  Remember to hug all your loved ones and to sit and enjoy the sunset every now and then.  With or without pain, these days are what we make of them.

Do you like to press fabric?

I know, some consider it a sickness, but I really do enjoy pressing fabric.  Even large yardage.  It’s relaxing.  And there’s all that anticipation of what you will do with that fabric if you ever pull it out of your stash again, once it’s all pressed and ready and waiting.  I have been guilty of prewashing but not pressing lately, so I got up at 3:30 this morning to press.  😉

Well, that’s not the whole story.  As you know, I have a back problem and will be having a fusion at the end of the month.  My wonderful doctor has prescribed Fentanyl pain patches for me and they WORK!  I can’t believe how much better I feel.  However, the medication seems to wind me up a bit and I’m awake when I should be asleep.  I did get 4.5 hours of good sleep tonight, but just woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep and the thought of all those flat folds I bought but didn’t press began to weigh on my mind.  So, I got up and pressed.  I have one of those nifty Euro Steam Irons (a steamer, actually), and I made it through about 30 yards of fabric.  I think I’ll go turn on the alarm radio (it generally puts me right out) and see if I can grab another few hours of shut-eye before work.

Have a great day all.