Little pooped-out pups can really sleep up a storm, but when they are ready to get up, they are UP!  We went out at 10:30 last night to pee before bed (well, Ozzie peed outside, I waited till we came back in).  I think he was out before his head hit the pillow, he was so tired.  Vince usually sleeps by my side and came up to find the puppy.  He was quite perturbed.  He did sniff around a bit, then went down to sleep at the end of the bed.  Junior even came and joined Vince, apparently unaware of Ozzie.  When Ozzie awoke at 4:10 a.m. and began to whine a bit, I turned on the light and Junior was one stunned kitty!  We went outside and went pee again, then back to sleep.  Just before the alarm went off at six, I felt someone nibbling at my ear.  So, up we got and went outside for a really good poop!  (Aren’t you excited that we’re talking about puppy bodily functions?  But, this IS exciting stuff — especially when it’s done in the proper place).  There was no going back to sleep, so we put the leash on and went for a walk up the street.  We met a neighbor who was out watering her flowers, then we continued on.  Six whole blocks, and he still pretty much stays right at the side of my foot while we walk.  There were a few leaves that were major attractants, and a puddle of water (which we did NOT drink out of).  We came home, had breakfast (and mom got the coffee going) and then chased the kitties about the house, chewed on the computer power supply until mom replaced it with a kong, and now we’re passed out with our head on the bunny while mom types.  

So far, an excellent puppy experience.  I think Vince is on the verge of playing with Ozzie.  He has rolled on his back and flailed his paws in Ozzie’s general vicinity, so I think the idea that this could be fun has entered his mind.  That is, when Ozzie wakes up!

Again, I apologize for the poor picture quality.  The new camera should be here tomorrow!Asleep

I’m in love

Ronda and I ventured out to the Outlet Mall in Troutdale this morning to pick up the new love of my life.  His name is OZZIE (had to change it from George because I know someone named George, and it just didn’t work — trust me).  My little guy had a fun hour or so playing with his half-brother Max (they have the same dad) and his cousin Sophie.  We then began our journey home.  We weren’t even to the end of Ronda’s street (it’s a very short street) and the little guy was out.  This is how he spent most of the ride home:

Ozzies ride home

On my lap, with his head in the crook of my arm, sound asleep.

We got home, went pee in the back yard (good dog!), and then came in the house to meet his roommates.  Junior popped him a few times in the snout with this paws, but Junior has no front claws, so it didn’t seem to faze Ozzie.  Vince did a little nose-to-nose kissing, but then decided to hiss up a storm.  They are still sizing each other up a bit.  We got out our toys (a whole basket of them were waiting here, plus I visited the Petsense outlet store on the way to Ronda’s — oh my!  EVERYTHING there is 50% off).  We played, we had a little kibble for dinner, then we took a walk on the very light leash Ronda gave me.  Ozzie took to the leash very well, staying right along side my foot, until he stopped to take a big poop (GOOD poop!!) on the neighbor’s front lawn.  Now, of course, the bags on board are on the other leash, so we had to walk back home, get a bag, and then go back to get the poop picked up.  The whole way, Ozzie was a great little walker.   We then played ball in the back yard while I grilled some dinner.  Once we got back inside and I began to eat, I looked over to see the little bundle sound asleep on the floor.  I picked him up and we snuggled on the couch.  Now I’m blogging and he’s pining away for his siblings — AS IF!!

SleepyThis is one exhausted little pooch.  He has had a very BIG DAY.  Sorry for the picture quality.  I sold my digital cameras to buy a new digital SLR and it doesn’t get here till Monday.  I had to take these with my cell phone, which isn’t the very best.  I will have some video soon.  I took lots of footage with my Flip video and have it uploaded to the computer, now I need to just figure out how to make UTubes out of it.  I think I can, I think I can.

Anyway, I recommend that you all buy a puppy!!  What a wonderful little bundle of love.

Lunatic Fringe – I know you’re out there

“We know you’ve got to blame someone for your own confusion.”  Ah, Red Rider said it best, didn’t they?  No copyright infringed here, giving credit where it is due.  

Did I tell you I had the most wonderful birthday?  My family took me to dinner on Sunday evening and gave me way too many presents.  Quilty things, gift cards to my favorite places (PetsMart and Costco), and funny cards.  I got a wall hanging that my sister made and sent to my best buddy Ronda to quilt for me.  It’s beautiful.  I can’t post pictures yet, because I bought a new digital camera and it’s not here yet.  To fund the new camera, I had to sell the old cameras, and so I’m sans-camera!  I didn’t plan the timing just right there.  

On Monday morning (my actual birthday), I awoke to a record low temperature in Eugene of 41 degrees fahrenheit.  It has not been that cool since 1951, when it was 42 degrees.  Ma Nature knows how I love cool mornings.  The day was sunny, with puffy white clouds and a cool breeze.  I spent the day returning emails and answering good wishes on facebook and I had a Triple Chocolate Obsession birthday cake after our staff meeting on Monday afternoon.  It was a GREAT day.  I came home to the standard greeting from Shelob in the garage, a birthday card from Aunt Ethel (she always times it so the card arrives ON my birthday).  Her birthday is the same day as mine, but she’s 85 now!  She still has a wonderful sense of humor too.  I also got my shipment of tea from Sensibiliteas.  So I came in the house, made myself a cup of great tea, and had a wonderful evening.

This weekend I go to pick up my new pup.  I can hardly wait to get him.  I still need to go get some food dishes, make a washable cover for his kennel pad, and clean away more of the clutter in this house.  I’ve got him a bunch of chew toys, and I don’t want him chewing on all the junk I’ve accumulated over the years.  My niece will come help me give the old heave-ho to this stuff on Thursday.  I can pile it up little by little, but my fragile spine doesn’t allow me to cart it all out and throw it into the trailer awaiting it in the driveway.  I do have a little Flip video camera, so I can record our first meeting and all his up-coming antics.  Have I told you all how excited I am?  😉

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  Sane and lunatic alike.

Houston, we have a problem

Uh-oh.  It appears we may have to exercise a woman’s prerogative and change our mind AND the puppy’s name.  It had not occurred to me that, as my puppy will be with me in the office quite frequently, I can’t give him a name that belongs to one of my faculty.  Especially since the faculty member we do have who is named George is a very distinguished professor.  Dang it.  Now what will I do?   It may have to come down to Ozzie or Cosmo.  If I name him Cosmo, I would most likely call him Cozzie (rhymes with Ozzie).  Cosmo Fospero was a dear friend to many a student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  I remember him quite fondly, even though he yelled at me several times for making card play errors when we teamed up for “pitch.”  Well, I’ll sleep on it.

P.S.  No, Barb, this does not mean I’ll be naming him any part of HDT so don’t even suggest it.  This is getting old.

Introducing . . .

Well, I’m not really sure what his name will be yet, but this is my little guy.  Ronda and I will go and pick him up on the 29th of August over in Eastern Oregon.  So far I’m thinking his name will be Captain Jack, but I’ve also thought of Atticus, Asta, Frodo, Sam, Pippin, or Ozzy.

Capt Jack