Playing (or not) with the big dogs

The rain returned to Eugene overnight.  Not a lot of rain, but it’s wet and intermittently cloudy.  We were totally out of dog treats here at home, so I told Ozzie that if he’d go with me to Costco, I’d take him to the dog park on the way home.  As you can see, it was a lot less crowded today than yesterday:

dp oct7


Costco was a whole lot more crowded than this!

Anyway, shortly after I took this picture, I heard the gate bang and another dog and owner came in.  Havoc (appropriately named dog) is a huge German Shepherd, but she is really a sweet dog and likes to run around after Ozzie.  Well, a lot of the dogs like to chase Ozzie – especially the herd dogs (Australian Shepherds, Corgis, Blue Heelers, etc).  They all think he’s a small sheep.  Today, Havoc’s owner (nice man to whom I have spoken several times, but I don’t know his name) threw his dog’s ball at about the same time I threw Ozzie’s.  Ozzie ran to get the ball, but got Havoc’s instead.  This would not have been a problem, but he took exception to the fact that Havoc took his ball, and he decided he was going to get it back!  A fight ensued, broken up by two very worried and embarrassed dog owners.  Havoc probably has a good 60-80 pounds on Ozzie.  She’s a BIG dog, and he only weighs 20 pounds.  He ended up being okay, just totally terrified, nearly jumping into my arms when it was all over.  We’ve had a discussion about playing with our own ball and dogs of our own size, but I don’t know how much of an impression that made.  I think we’ll do our best to avoid Havoc in the future.

My boy can SWIM!

Who knew?  What a day to be without my good camera.  Well, I did have the camera, but took the SD card out of it last night to upload some photos of Mt Hood and Mt St Helens yesterday and forgot to put it back in the camera.  We took our morning walk around the pond and met friends of my sister’s who were playing with their own Australian Shepherd.  They were throwing the stick into the pond and Ozzie, who never lets anyone beat him to a ball at the park, decided that no one was going to beat him to the stick either!  With his very long and skinny legs, he doesn’t really dog paddle, but does the full stroke.  I thought for a while that I was going to have to dive in to help him, but he did just fine.  I got a few snaps with my Droid camera — not the best, but you get the jist.

Ozzie Swims 2

Ozzie Swims

My crazy little dog.  I sure do love him.  Oh, and here’s a picture from about a week ago that I forgot to post.  Ozzie and his cousin Kallie, or, as we like to call them, the Kickbusch Branch Managers!

Kickbusch Branch Managers