Tonight’s cosmic event

There will be a penumbral eclipse of the Hunter’s Moon tonight.  For those of us in North America, it will be visible around moonrise.  This is not one of those events where the Earth’s shadow appears to take a bite out of the moon (that’s an umbral eclipse), but one where the moon will pass through the sort-of side shadow of the Earth.  If you took Earth Science in school and paid attention, you’l remember those little diagrams with the Sun, the Earth, and the Mood, and the direct shadow creating a tight triangle that focuses on the Moon, and the wide triangle that jets out into space.  Well, the Moon will be in the wide triangle tonight.

lunar eclipse


Oftentimes, this type of eclipse will turn the Moon red.  Those of you in Europe and New England may get to see this, but those of us in the rest of North America may not notice a huge difference in the Moon.  Still, I appreciate all changes in the cosmos, and I will be watching.  At the very least, we’ll see one gorgeous full moon rising!