Remember me?

Has it really been more than a month since I last wrote anything here?  Apparently.  Life has been a bit hectic.  I have gone back to work, six hours a day till next week when I supposedly go back full time.  It is very hard to sit in a chair all day.  I get up and wander around for a while.  I’ve never been very good about taking breaks — I just act like a dog with a bone and work till I get my stuff done.  I guess I’ll have to break myself of that.  I received a letter from the UO about mid-January telling me that I couldn’t work there because I was so physically limited they had no work to offer me.  WHAT???  Apparently, my doctor’s nurse had not only filled in the form to say I couldn’t sit for long periods of time, but she also said I couldn’t push or pull with my hands.  I can’t push a loaded file cabinet down the hallway, but I can push and pull papers for cripes sake!  It took a bit to get that all straightened out, then there was the battle to catch up before they had someone to come in and replace me, then I got the crud, then I had a quilting retreat, then I had the resurgence of the crud . . .  Geez!  First time I’ve had a cold in three years and it just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

The coast quilting retreat was great, except that Ronda was supposed to come with me but then couldn’t go.  I did the next best thing and drove up the coast highway and visited Mom Jane at Jane’s Fabric Patch in Tillamook!  I bought some beautiful fabric to make a nice quilt that will match my living room when I paint it and recover the couch.  So, it may take a few years to accomplish all of this, but it will look nice when it’s done.  We’re going for greens and browns here.  The coast was, as usual, sunny, windy, calm, stormy, warm, freezing cold, and smelled of that wonderful salt air.

Our lodgings:  coast-house


One of three beautiful sunsets: coast-sunset








I will be teaching at MQX this year.  I had originally planned to just do a little beginner class:  Just the Basics, where I will load a very small quilt, show how to line it up, stabilize it, how to use templates, rulers, stencils, how to quilt around applique’, keep your sides straight, keep the back from puckering, how to frog quickly, etc., etc.; but now that Ronda can’t come to MQX, I’ll be teaching her Feathered Star class too.  I whipped one of these together last week and with the pattern and wonderful instructions, it came together really well.  I highly recommend using a stabilizer such as Mary Ellen’s Best Press (i.e., starch) and the triangle paper that Ronda will send to each person taking the class, so that pieces stay straight and nice through the piecing.  With the feathered star, you do get bias edges and you have to be careful not to stretch anything.  I’ll post a pic of the one I did now that I have the camera working (sort of) with my MacBook.  I’ll be making another before class and will bring a partially constructed one so that I can work along with all the students and show them how it goes together.  Ronda will be available by phone if we need her or just want to say hello!

I’m back to longarming on a limited basis, but will have to try and pick up the pace.  The phone is beginning to ring again.  Everyone remembers that I said MARCH!  It’s good to know I have loyal customers, but man, I’m not sure I’m ready to work eight hours a day and then come home and quilt.  I may just have to be a weekend quilter for a while.

Stay tuned for more feathered star news.