My fitness obsession

Okay.  I’m not pressing 200 lbs. each day and I’m not running marathons, but as you know, I’m making an effort to get healthier lately.  Why?  Well, for one thing, I’m not ready to die yet.  For another, I’ve witnessed too many things happening to friends in my age group (or younger), and I think . . . if we were a little stronger, maybe that stuff wouldn’t happen.  Here is the group of quilters with whom I just attended my quilting retreat at Silver Falls.

Silver Falls Group fall 2013


It’s a wonderful group of women.  I am one of the younger ones, but I’d say there are two ladies in the group who are older than me and probably in better shape!  Why?  They are active, vibrant women.  There are a few in my age category who really have trouble getting around, and I just don’t want to go there.  We hear so much these days about taking anti-oxidants to keep us young and healthy.  I’ve come to think of this as just what it says – rust preventers.  The other thing that prevents rust is movement!  So, move it or lose it, as they say.  I’m choosing to move!

The howler

Fitting in with the Halloween/Full Moon theme, we have the howler — my cat, Vince.  He has always been a talker.  He used to dash up the stairs to my quilt studio and howl for me to come upstairs.  I’d get into the curved stairwell to find his little face hanging over the top of the stairs, looking down on me, waiting for me to come up and get to work!  I had to stop letting him up into the studio, not because he liked to get on the quilting machine, but because his fondness for quilt batting led him astray from the scraps I provided him to trying to nestle into the full rolls of batting.  Most clients would prefer not to have additional cat hair in their quilts (although some quilts arrive here with a substantial amount already on them!), so kitties had to be banished from the studio.

Vince is getting on in years.  I can’t find his papers at the moment, but I think he’s going on 14.  This would mean that in people years, he’s probably older than I am, and you know how much I complain about my aches and pains.  He has, lately, been really howling up a storm.  At times, I think the constant howling will drive me out of my mind, but then I realize there is no driving necessary, I have arrived!  Anyway, I finally found something that seems to help.  I set my little sewing table I take to retreats up in a sunny window in the living room, put an old dog bed pad on it, and sprinkled it liberally with catnip.  I then placed Vince in the middle of it.  Two minutes later, I had a very stoned but quiet cat!  Ah, what a relief.  With the windows open in the house, I often think that people passing on the sidewalk must think I’m swinging him around by his tail.  I think we may need to take a trip to the vet to see if he is in any pain (doesn’t seem to be) and if there is anything I can do to make him more comfortable in his later years.

Vince sept 2013