That quilting thing

Some of you have seen these photos on some of the quilting sites, but I didn’t post them here.  I really don’t get a lot of computer time anymore.  Between my job, my quilting, an old house that is in shambles (I AM, without doubt, the world’s worst housekeeper) and my dog, I can scarcely find time to even think about piecing.  I need to make an applique block this afternoon for a friend who has terminal cancer.  It is a pity that such sorrowful things prompt me to action.  At any rate, here is the latest quilt I slipped on while pondering what to do with the Monet’s Wedding Ring.  It is a hand-pieced Lemoyne Star.  The blocks were not square, and in places, they were not even stitched together.  While it was not excellently made, I loved it from the moment my customer unfurled it in the quilt shop.  I like the colors . . . I love stars . . . it just spoke to me.  I used a stencil from QC for the open blocks and just simple CC for the stars.

I have this wonderful new camera that allows me to take such wonderful photos, but alas, the software does not play nicely with my computer.  I will install the software on an old windows computer I have and see if I can get things to run a bit more smoothly that way.  Otherwise, I shall have to write to Pentax and let them know I am not happy.  Ouch – when Linda’s not happy, that’s NOT a good thing!  ;P

Off to hit the shower, run to JoAnn’s for some saral paper (I hope they have it) and then off to the dog park.  Have a great day all.

Did you notice?

If you’re an eight to five-r, have you noticed that when you leave work at five, it’s no longer pitch black?  Spring is coming!  The wonder of Winter is that when it arrives, the days immediately begin to get longer.  Little by little, minute by minute, and the light stays longer.  Today was another great day.  I have a new friend and life is, seemingly, wonderful.  We will see how this goes.  S-l-o-w-l-y this time.  Little by little, minute by minute.

Another beautiful sunrise

Same as last week.

It was nice to see the sun after several days of rain.  Of course, the fog soon moved in.  Then the clouds came back, and now it’s raining again.  Oh, and it’s cold again too.  But, it’s okay.  I actually love the rain.  I had another super day and expect tomorrow to be more of the same.

Off to get some quilting done tonight.  We may even have a quilt in MQX this year.  Who knows?

A new year

I really hope it’s better than the last one.  I guess it’s up to me to work on that!  We’ll give it a go.

Ozzie made it home from the vet on Wednesday night with one of those awful elizabethan collars on.  He just would not leave himself alone.  I took it off for a while and we snuggled on the couch.  We ended up staying that way most of the night, while he cried, despite the pain pills they sent us home with.  Poor little fella.  I think he was mourning his loss more than feeling pain.  He seems to have sprung right back, and the thought of trying to keep this dog quiet for 14 whole days seems just impossible.  He’s knocked down the cover to the crawl space under the house by digging under it, and now each time he goes out, he heads right for it and barks his fool head off.  No telling what critters he has allowed to crawl in there — we have a large population of raccoons, squirrels, and possums here in town.

When I can get him quiet, he’s still trying to buddy-up to Vincent.

Or he helps me watch the sunrise

It’s a new year.  Let’s make it the best one in ages!