I am Linda Steller, professional quilter and quilting teacher.  I have been quilting since approximately 1980, began machine quilting on my domestic machine in 2001, and quickly realized that pushing a queen-sized quilt through the throat of a standard Bernina was not an option for my neck and shoulders.  I bought a longarm in July of 2004 and have been happily quilting ever since.  I love all aspects of quilting – piecing, art quilts, traditional quilts, fabric in general, embellishments, pantographs and custom/heirloom quilting.  I am known mostly for my custom work, but really enjoy doing pretty all-over quilting on quilts that are intended to keep folks snuggly warm instead or wowing the judges at shows.  I added an Intelliquilter™ to my system in July of 2011, so I am capable of adding nearly any sort of design desired to a quilt.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! As you can see you and I have something in common. We share the same name.
    Recently a friend of mine told me to google my name. I did and I found you. I see you are indeed a stellar person. Take care.
    From another, “Beautiful star”

  2. Linda,
    I’m about a month off from getting my Millenium. We’re putting hardwood in the bonus room and then I can schedule delivery!
    I’ve been taking care of my parents full-time since 2003. Mom died on Halloween this year. I still have my Dad but he takes less care. My dear husband, who has been very supportive of me taking care of my parents, also knows I have had no time for myself for years. He knew I had been checking out long-arms with the hopes of having time for one after my parents are gone. Well, after going to the recent road show her in Boise, he offered to get one for me.
    On the APQS Forum you had mentioned a Batting Sample Project. I would love to be a part of it. (I tried to register with the Forum, but wasn’t recognized yet.)
    Thanks, Heidi

    • Hi Heidi – I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing. I have cared for elderly relatives before and know that while it’s a relief that they are at peace, it still hurts to lose them. I hope you will find time to get familiar with your new machine and that you will enjoy it very much. You still have time to sign up for the batting project. Everyone has voted for waiting until after the new year to get started on it, so we’ll be sure to include you. Welcome to the group. You’ll love your Millennium!

  3. Hi Linda – I just had the joy of seeing the World Painter’s Challenge at AQS Quiltweek in Lancaster, PA. Do you know if there is or there plans to be an exhibition book published. I would love to purchase it and study each of these in more detail. There wasn’t time standing there to read and think about each one. –Cindy Alley alleycomm@comcast.net

    • Hi Cindy – I thought I had replied to this message, but perhaps I didn’t hit the right button. The World Painters Challenge was just featured in the May issue of American Quilter Magazine. While a book would be a lovely idea, each participant from the US chipped in $20 as a ‘registration fee’ to cover the initial shipping of our 30 quilts to Japan. I’ve since had to ship 90 quilts (the 30 from Japan, 30 from France, and 30 from the USA) to the American Quilters Society, and will need to ship the Japanese and French quilts home after they return from the tour of the US with AQS. There is no money to make a book. I’m really glad you enjoyed the exhibit. I’m very proud to have been in charge of 1/3 of it, and am happy it’s been so well received.

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