Fridays come with an early buzz

Just in from the morning’s walk.  I think next week I’ll have to wear my parka.  I get way too cold walking out around the pond and have difficulty warming up when I get home.  Since I didn’t get much sleep last night, I’m going to wrap up in a quilt and take a brief nap before I get back to quilting.  I know a little dog who would gladly join me.  After all, he was on that walk too, and he took a lot of side trips to sniff things!  I had my 10,000 steps and my little buzzing wrist dance about a mile before the end of the walk today.

Friday walk

Someone is watching!

Remember my “Someone to Watch Over Me” post?  Well, it turns out, you really can get this Fitbit to watch over your life.  It links with all sorts of apps.  I told you this morning I was disappointed with the food database in Fitbit’s website, but it turns out you can link your Fitbit to MyFitnessPal, which will allow you to log your food in on your smartphone, and it will appear in your Fitbit dashboard.  MyFitnessPal has a much better food database.  You can also link your Fitbit to Endomondo Sports Tracker, which is what I had been using on my smartphone for logging my walks.  Very, very cool, but at the same time, it does give me the creeps that there are so many databases linked in the background.  You may, if it works, see a daily post of my Fitbit activity here.