Did you see the moon last night?

Deep in the darkest hour, of a very heavy week . . .

Little bite


Half Bite


Total Eclipse

They’re not the best photos, but given the tiny little camera and my shaky hands, they didn’t come out too badly.

As to the very heavy week — I quit my new job.  I liked the people, and I liked the concept of the company for which I was working, but the training was fairly lackluster and I didn’t feel good about hopping on the phones and making a fool of myself.  I don’t think my evening supervisors realized that our 5:00 a.m. trainings put us in a slightly failed class and that I’d not had much experience on the phone at all.  They were ready to throw me to the wolves on Friday night, and when I balked, they simply said to do it.  I was not prepared, so we parted ways.  I’ve registered with a temp agency and they’ve indicated they’re very interested.  I have an interview on Thursday morning.

A few more moon shots

I’ve been trying for some time to get good shots of the moon.  What I really need is a nice telescope with a photo attachment.  Actually, bought one for my niece years ago.  I wonder if she still has it?  Anyway, here are a few more shots of tonight’s Hunter’s Moon.



yellow moon


full moon


Have I told you how much I love the moon, and the fall moon?  Actually, lighting at this time of year is so soothing and lovely.  Anyway, I’m off to quilt for a while before bed.  Make sure you get out and look at the moon!

Tonight’s cosmic event

There will be a penumbral eclipse of the Hunter’s Moon tonight.  For those of us in North America, it will be visible around moonrise.  This is not one of those events where the Earth’s shadow appears to take a bite out of the moon (that’s an umbral eclipse), but one where the moon will pass through the sort-of side shadow of the Earth.  If you took Earth Science in school and paid attention, you’l remember those little diagrams with the Sun, the Earth, and the Mood, and the direct shadow creating a tight triangle that focuses on the Moon, and the wide triangle that jets out into space.  Well, the Moon will be in the wide triangle tonight.

lunar eclipse


Oftentimes, this type of eclipse will turn the Moon red.  Those of you in Europe and New England may get to see this, but those of us in the rest of North America may not notice a huge difference in the Moon.  Still, I appreciate all changes in the cosmos, and I will be watching.  At the very least, we’ll see one gorgeous full moon rising!

Oh – and now for something completely different

Some quilting!  This is the lovely blue and white I have on the machine right now.  I’m heavily into the stitch in the ditch right now, and then I’ll be loading in the designs.  Lots and lots of border work here, which I’m still trying to plan, as the top and bottom borders are fatter than the side borders they join with.  This is my favorite kind of quilt for custom work.  I’m a very traditional kind of gal when it comes to quilts.

Blue and white


I’m trying to get this done in time for the weekend, so I can bang out a few more customer quilts.  I have some excitement coming up next week.  I’ll share more when I have all my planets aligned.  Speaking of which, even though it’s not planetary (well, technically, it is), there is an eclipse of the moon tomorrow (Friday) night.  It should happen almost right at moonrise.  Check it out.  Tonight’s moon is pretty spectacular!