What a great weekend

I drove up to the NW Quilting Expo in Portland on Saturday to meet my friends Ronda Beyer and Teresa L. We had so much fun looking at the fabulous quilts and shopping at all the vendors and chatting. Ronda had several quilts with ribbons in the show, including the best of show ribbon for the beautiful “Stars for Arden” which she made in memory of her brother. I got some wonderful fabric – including some hand-dyed silk and hand-dyed sateen. Now to make something wonderful (hopefully) from this stuff. But, best of all was seeing friends and having good girl time. We also saw Megan Best, Kim Stotsenberg, and Carie Shields! I also had a quilty day today. Had a customer bring me a quilt and then call later on to ask if I could take another. Geez – things are getting busy, busy.

All back to normal!

Well, I felt sick and tired yesterday, but I must have gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired, because today, I feel great! We’re having a beautiful day here, even though it’s a tad on the chill side, but I got in a really nice walk at lunch. I have to get busy with my quilting. I picked up a Baltimore Bunnies Baltimore Bunnies at the post office yesterday and now have another customer bringing me a quilt on Sunday. I still have a couple that have been (ashamedly) hanging around since before I had surgery, plus my sister brought me a baby quilt do do last week. Ack! I’d best get my rear in gear. So, I pledge that I will put the borders on the next quilt tonight and hopefully get it loaded, then I can begin the quilting. I’d better stick to my plan. I’ve decided my quilting money will become my plastic surgery fund. I’m gonna need a tummy tuck, a bat wing tuck, maybe a turkey wattle lift, and the girls are gonna need some major help. Well, it’s still better than being too heavy.

Back to work!

Apparently, it’s bug season too

Well, now I know why I was so tired yesterday!  I got out of bed this morning, took a shower, dried my hair, got dressed, and was about to leave the house when I was called back to the bathroom.  There I stayed for quite a while.  😦  I managed to catch a bus into the office around 10:30 (no point in driving at that time, because there will be no parking spaces), so now I’m sitting here feeling rather puny.  I don’t know if I ate something bad (not likely) or if there is a bug circulating, but I feel just awful.  Luckily, I have my own office, so I can shut the door and try to work in peace.  Unfortunately, it is the first day of the term, and the phone is ringing off the hook, people are knocking asking for things, and the stack of paper still hasn’t gone down from when the summer started.  Well, I guess I would rather be here and miserable than to be home (where I could be doing a million FUN things) and being miserable there.  I think there will be an early bedtime tonight.  The bad thing is, that we are back to normal hours today, so I have to stay till 5:00!  Actually, I should stay till 6:30, as I was late.  I did work through lunch to make up an hour.  I really don’t feel like eating anyway.

So, I guess I’ll go home, get the next quilt loaded, and then go to bed.  I hope I can manage to keep my eyes open here.  Well, there’s the phone again  . . .

It’s quilting season

And I’ve got a terrible case of the lazies.  Maybe it was the trip to Innovations this weekend.  I drove up after work (I left early) on Friday.  I stayed with a quilter from the APQS board who was so gracious to me.  She didn’t even let me pay for half the room.  You meet the nicest people in the quilting world.  I went to the show and did a little shopping on Saturday morning, then drove home.  So, I spent about 8-9 hours in the car and I’ve been so tired ever since.  I did get some great last minute deals because I showed up as vendors were preparing to go home.  My biggest score was a Tutto sewing machine bag at a discount, and then they threw in the accompanying bag for only $20.  So now I am well outfitted for heading to my quilting retreat next month.  I’ve got to get a bit more energy built up.  I’m heading up to Portland next weekend for the NW Quilting Expo.  I hope the show is a bit larger (at least with more vendors) than Innovations was.  While there were some great quilts at Innovations, it seems to be such a tiny show.  I figure NW Quilting Expo will have the Hoffman Challenge quilts, plus the ones that have been entered, so I’m thinking it will have to be bigger.  Plus, the list of vendors seems longer.   Anyway, I hope to meet my friend Ronda there and spend the day looking at the quilts and looking for fun stuff at the vendors booths.  I hope I find a little energy and a little inspiration along the way.

I’ve been a bad girl

I had to go to Portland today, for a post-op checkup and to deliver my quilt for the NW Quilting Expo. I thought of several things I could do while I was up there — go to the Fabric Depot, visit the new Ikea, call Ronda and see if she wanted to do lunch (even though I can’t eat much), or — I could go to EE Schenck and set up a wholesale account. I’ve been meaning to go to Schenck’s for years now, so I decided to just do it. OMG! I came hope with so much stuff, including 145 yards of fabric!! I bought two flat fold packs of 50 yards each — on in civil war repros (for my Dear Jane and, of course, much more!), and one day/night pack of navy/white. They are both gorgeous and, at $2 a yard, how could I say no? Then my eye was caught by some gorgeous batiks. I bought three bolts in colors that I use often. Of course, I also bought a few books and some patterns and then some notions. Geez. It doesn’t take long for that stuff to add up. I also met a new friend. Chris, the man who helped show me around, is a longarm quilter who just moved to Portland from Kansas. He also has an APQS machine, is also making a Dear Jane, and we just chattered away the whole time. It was nice to meet someone so friendly there.

As punishment for my overspending, my A/C decided not to work between Portland and Salem, on a day when the temp was 94!! It finally kicked on just south of Salem, just in time for the traffic to come to a standstill in construction. I was so grateful that it finally worked.

Oh! The checkup! The doc says I’m doing great, but I need to eat more! He told me that last time too. I guess I’d best get with it. Cheesecake, anyone? ;-P

What was I thinking?

I know – I really wasn’t thinking. I am having a gathering at my house tomorrow for many of the folks in the area who have had weight loss surgery. In the area? I have someone coming up from Cave Junction and someone coming down from Portland! The rest are from the area. As most of you know, I am a horrible housekeeper, so I will frantically try to neaten the house so as not to embarrass myself when they all show up. My niece is at my house right now weeding out the flower beds. I had been hoping for a couple of little kids to open the gate and discover a secret garden, restore it to its former beauty, and then I could sit out there and enjoy it with them, but that never happened. Ah well. One can dream (and I often do!).

I do hope to get back to quilting this weekend. I’ve been saying that for a long time and have not quite managed it yet. Procrastination, sloth, and just general laziness are to blame. Wanting to stretch out with the kitties in the sunny spot on the carpet and just do nothing seems to have taken hold. I do have so many projects I want to work on. I must find the gumption to get going again. Of course, after a very long spring, we are about to have summer in Eugene. Temps are supposed to climb into the nineties next week, after a summer (?) of temps mostly in the 70s. I want fall weather — I want 60s with a nice rain mist falling. This is Oregon, isnt’ it?

Ah well, I wish you all a fun and productive weekend.

I want to come back as a cat

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’d like to come back as a cat.  Hopefully, one that would know enough to look both ways before crossing the street.  I see my two boys sleeping away the day and I am so jealous, so today I have decided to emulate them.  I spent yesterday staining my new fence.  I have about 300 linear feet of new fence, and it all needed to be sealed with a stain/linseed oil mix.  I had done a short section of the front fence about a week ago, but I decided to get it all done yesterday.  I even got up the nerve to contact my two neighbors and venture into their backyards so I could finish the other side.  I did it!  14 gallons of stain later, it was all done.  I am so tired today.  I had hoped to weed the flower beds, which are currently full of weeds, but I just didn’t get out there.  I played on the computer a bit this morning, watched a bit of TV (documentaries on the Universe) while eating lunch, and then just decided to go back to bed.  I could live like this, so I figure my next life should be as a cat.  Instead of quilting quilts, I would just lie on them or bunch up batting scraps and make myself a nice little bed.  I could play with spools of thread and be even more entertained than I am by them now.  I’m sure I would still have an appreciation for good quality fabric — Lord knows Vince shies away from substandard material now!  Ah well, I hope that some day I manage to get all my energy back.  Some days I feel so full of energy, but if I use it all up, I’m wiped out for days.  I wish I had managed to accomplish a bit more before I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I really would love to go in one day like you go into surgery — and in two years, someone could say “Linda, wake up!  It’s all over!  You can retire now!”  I can hardly wait.