My boss is a difficult task master

She had me tied to that quilting machine all day today.  I only got breaks to go and deliver three quilts at the quilt shop, run to Costco for some coffee (I was out this morning – talk about disaster!), and grab a small bite to eat for dinner.  Then I had to go right back upstairs and start quilting again.  She says I have three more quilts to finish before Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness two of them are very small.  Then, when I finish those, I have more coming in next week (not to mention the four that are still here but due in early December).  Then she says I have to clean the gutters, rake the leaves, install the new kitchen faucet (the broken faucet works intermittently, but she’s tired of running to the bathroom sink for water), and then I have to clean out the spare bedroom, paint the bedroom and the hallway, assemble some Ikea furniture, and put everything back in an orderly fashion.  I’m exhausted already!  And then I heard her make mention of decorating for the holidays!  Oy!  I’d report her to the state labor commission, but I’m self-employed, so I guess I’d best keep my butt out of hot water by staying mum on the subject.  Would any of you be willing to talk to her and ask her to ease up off me a bit?  She’s wearing me out.  Oh – and by the way – she told me today that this house looks like a tornado blew through it and I’d better think about doing some cleaning too.  There is definitely no rest for the weary . . . wicked . . . wobegon . . .weird . . . whatever!  It will be an early night tonight.

Home again, home again

I’ve returned to city life.  I’d much rather still be in the woods, among those giant trees, hearing the sound of the water rushing over the falls.  Over the next few days, as I find time to process some of the photos from the trip, I’ll share a bit of the beauty of that place with you.  I had an amazing time.  I needed the peace of nature, as I didn’t have a very good time trying to paint my art quilt.  It did come out okay, but as always, I wanted spectacular. That was impossible, as the fabric I used for the quilt was too coarse for allowing the paints to shade and glaze.  It went on in a sandy texture and I had to rub for all I was worth to get anything to blend together.  It is, however, finished, except that I found the bling box this evening and I will put a few jewels in her hair.  I’m not into massive bling on a quilt, but Mucha’s original work showed some baubles in her hair.  Here is my little art quilt all painted.

Muchas Dance copy

A little Mucha quilt

A while back I showed you a color palette for a little art quilt I was making.  Well, as sometimes happens, things didn’t go as I planned, and I scrapped the quilt.  I was using the lovely batik fabrics to make a fusible appliqué representation of one of Alphonse Mucha’s posters.  So, I decided to use the same design, but instead, I would produce the image in whole cloth, and then paint it.  The exhibit in which it will be displayed is about painters so, why not paint it?

Today, I finished the initial quilting.  This quilt measures about 19.7″ square or 50 centimeters.  After I finish painting it, it will most likely go back on the machine for a little thread painting too.  The image is from Mucha’s Dance from his “The Arts” series.

Ready no watermark copy

and a bit of detail

Ready detail no watermark copy

Update on Saturday, October 5.  I was reminded this morning that I need to watermark my photos.  I forget that people just take pictures that aren’t theirs and show them around on the internet.  You may share my photos if there is a watermark.  Otherwise, I would hope you would leave them where they are.  Thanks!