Thank goodness for holiday weekends

I’m so glad it’s going to be a three-day weekend.  I have so much to do, and less time to do it in.  Ever since I got back from my retreat, the phone has been ringing off the hook with quilting jobs.  I have six here and have to pick another one up tomorrow morning.  Will pick up another next week.  I’ve got to get moving!  Looks like there won’t be a whole heck of a lot of yard work happening this weekend, but the lawn is mowed — just need to do some more rose pruning and weeding part of the flower beds out back.

I also need to get some borders put on the pinwheel quilt I sewed at last weekend’s retreat.  It’s from my favorite (of late) book Scrap Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett.  Cute quilts from 2 1/2″ strips.  So easy, you can just chain piece them in no time.  I’ll be adding my own borders to this one for a bit of my own twist, but it was so fun to whip up a quilt top in two days!

No doubt, we will at some point, take a trip to the dog park.  Lots of road construction in that area, so we may have to hit the park by Autzen Stadium instead, but someone has been such a good pup today, he definitely deserves the treat!

Have a great weekend all.

Back with pictures

Well, I think we finally have most of the bugs worked out of the software for the new camera.  Well, the camera is almost a year old, but the software went kerflooie and then I had to do some rearranging to get everything to work.  ANYWAY, I’ve had a lot of pictures stored up in the camera (love those 4G SD cards!) that I can now actually get out of it!  Here is a good representation of what we have been up to lately.  The weather is spectacular today.  Sunny, minimal clouds, and at 4:15 p.m. it’s 70 degrees fahrenheit in the shade on the back deck.  We’ve been to the dog park a lot lately — even yesterday at lunchtime — a feat not easily performed in Eugene on a Friday afternoon, but we went for it and had fun.  Most of these pics were taken when things were a bit wetter and muddier than they currently are, but we had fun nonetheless.

What ball?  I don’t have any ball — oh you mean this one?  Nah, I’m not giving it to you.  Just find another one to throw before I decide to bite you!

Really.  I have no idea where it went.  Didn’t you bring a case of tennis balls with you so we wouldn’t run out?  I really, really need another ball.  Come on Mom!  Please?

No problem!  Some other guy threw a ball for his dog, so I borrowed his.  Let’s play with this one okay?

Good thing there were extras hiding in the grass.  It’s almost like an Easter egg hunt at the dog park!

Maybe we should go up to the faucet now and get a drink.  But after that, would you throw the ball for me some more?  I just can’t get enough.

Dang!  Going to the park is fun, but mom makes me take a bath when we get back.  I keep telling her a good mud pack is good for my complexion, but she’s not buying it.

And, since it was such a beautiful day today, I installed one of my souvenirs from my recent trip on the back of my car!

That’s all for now!  Looks like we’ll have more pics in the future.  Yeah!  Blog posts are so boring without pics.

I guess I should post this here

I noticed that the main search words for my blog lately have been “Monet’s Wedding Ring.”  I realize I never posted it here.  This was a quilt pieced by my sister Barb (I helped with the strip piecing, but she selected all the fabrics and assembled the quilt top) that I had in my shop for two years while I struggled to recover from a spinal fusion.  I finally got it quilted for her right before MQX, but I’ve been struggling so much with the software for my wonderful camera, that getting a picture out of it has been like getting blood out of a turnip.  I managed, with some help from Aperture software, to convert a few pictures of the quilt I took in Massachusetts after MQX.  I think I have finally gotten the right software from Pentax, and will be (hopefully) posting pics more often.  So, I give you, Barbara Steller’s version of Judy Martin’s pattern, Monet’s Wedding Ring (from Judy’s book, Scraps)

Just simple free-hand feathers and some terry twist.  It took me forever to get up the gumption to do it, but the actual quilting time wasn’t all that much – just while listening to Anna Karenina (about 40 hours) and one other novel!  ;^P