Dogpark Rant

Okay.  I’m ill.  I have no voice.  Well, I had a little left until I just used it all up on a jerk at the dog park.  Even when you’re sick, your dog still needs exercise, so I loaded Ozzie into the car and we went to the park.  As you know, my dog is ball-obsessed.  He has to chase the ball, or he goes ballistic, yipping in this really high-pitched bark that will drive you out of your mind (it has driven me out of mine).  I also have to have two balls, because he will not give me the one he brings back to me unless I’m ready to throw another.  We’ve worked on this and we can manage with one if I prove to him I do not have another ball.  I swear, I have to turn my pockets inside out, etc.  So, when we go to the dog park, I go to play ball with my dog.

If it often the case that other dogs will chase the ball or chase Ozzie, and it can be annoying, but it’s generally good-natured and I don’t mind too much unless one of the dogs steals one of the balls and goes running off with it.  Today, there was a person in the park with a large brown lab and a large pit bull.  They were both large and playful dogs, and I don’t have much of a problem with them, but I did have a problem with their owner.  The pitbull stole our ball twice and ran off with it, and the owner would do nothing to help me get it back.  Another good samaritan assisted me.  The brown lab wanted me to throw the ball for him, to the point of nearly knocking me down several times.  I asked the owner to please keep that dog away from me.  At first he/she (I’m really not sure, and that’s cool, but this person was an idiot by any standards) called the dog off me and went down to the other field.  Cool – Ozzie and I played and played.  After a while this person came back and the dog was in my face about the ball again.  Not only do I not go to the park to throw the ball for someone else’s dog, I’m a bit scared of falling down due to the damage I already have to my spine.  I don’t like big dogs near me.  Sorry, that’s just the way it is.  When I said again, “could you please keep this dog away from me?” I was informed that the park was communal space and I had no right to tell the dog what he could do.  I about lost it.  I told this person the park was communal space, but I was not, and didn’t appreciate having the dog climb my frame to get the ball.  I was then informed that he was “just a good dog who wanted to play ball.”  So I said, “If your dog wants to play ball, you need to bring one to the park and play with him!”  I think I may have seen a light dawn there — what a concept, no?  Anyway, do NOT tangle with me when I’m sick and trying to play with my dog.  I’m glad I’m home with a happy and passed out dog, and I can go back to quilting.  Well, after my blood pressure goes down!

Roseanne Roseannadanna

Has been to visit me again.  I swear!  It really IS always something.  I won’t bore you all with the details, but my life has gotten in the way of my plans a lot lately.  Mostly this growing old, falling apart body.  However . . . I will NOT be cowed by any of this.  I will fight old age and infirmity with all I’ve got, and I will pull myself up by the bootstraps and get on with it.  So, I’m still here, I’m still kicking, and I’m doing my best to keep moving, even though detours have been suggested.  Off to quilt.  I’ll share some pictures of all I’ve managed to accomplish (or not) when I’m a little farther along.

Portland Yesterday

What a gorgeous day for a drive to Portland it was!  Normally, the road to Portland is not that great.  A long, straight, flat, boring drive on I-5 for the most part, but yesterday was very special.  Not a cloud in the sky, and the Mountains were out!!  That’s what we say here . . . the mountains are generally hiding behind quite a bit of cloud cover, and it’s rare to see them, especially at this time of year.  Here is Mt. Hood

Mt Hood 2

From a field outside of Aurora, Oregon

Mt Hood


From the sixth floor of the OHSU Center for Health and Healing on the waterfront in Portland

And here’s Mt. St. Helens

Mt St Helens

This one is from the 6th floor of the Center for Health and Healing too

St Helens


This one is from the I-5 bridge as I was driving to EE Schenck – yep, I can’t make a trip to Portland without visiting the wholesaler or Fabric Depot or both.  This time I just went to Schenck.

Oh – and the deal is, if my insurance company will give approval, which will take some doing, the surgeon will revise my gastric bypass surgery from a RNY to a gastric sleeve.  Basically, what this means is that my bottom portion of my stomach will be restored so that I can eat without having violent reactions to sugar.  Sure, I’d love to lose another 10-20 pounds, but at this point, that’s not the goal.  I just want some normalcy back in my life.  I know I’m probably in for a fight with insurance, so I’ll sit tight and wait for appeal after appeal.

My boy can SWIM!

Who knew?  What a day to be without my good camera.  Well, I did have the camera, but took the SD card out of it last night to upload some photos of Mt Hood and Mt St Helens yesterday and forgot to put it back in the camera.  We took our morning walk around the pond and met friends of my sister’s who were playing with their own Australian Shepherd.  They were throwing the stick into the pond and Ozzie, who never lets anyone beat him to a ball at the park, decided that no one was going to beat him to the stick either!  With his very long and skinny legs, he doesn’t really dog paddle, but does the full stroke.  I thought for a while that I was going to have to dive in to help him, but he did just fine.  I got a few snaps with my Droid camera — not the best, but you get the jist.

Ozzie Swims 2

Ozzie Swims

My crazy little dog.  I sure do love him.  Oh, and here’s a picture from about a week ago that I forgot to post.  Ozzie and his cousin Kallie, or, as we like to call them, the Kickbusch Branch Managers!

Kickbusch Branch Managers

That Hobbit eating schedule

Those of you who have blogs will know that you can see your stats every day and know what people read when they come to visit.  I get a lot of hits on the post I wrote years ago about adopting a Hobbit’s Eating Schedule.  I had gastric bypass surgery in July of 2007 and lost a total of 86 pounds.  I’ve gained some of that back in the last few years.  Some of that naturally happens, and some of it is because I’ve developed a rather rare complication of RNY Gastric Bypass – something called nesidioblastosis.  Basically, it starts as something called dumping syndrome, which is fairly common among gastric bypass patients, then it progresses to little insulin-producing (benign) tumors growing in the pancreas, and before you know it, you end up with a diet of basically protein and salad greens if you want to prevent your blood sugar from taking a dive.  Low blood sugar can be very dangerous.  If it goes too low, you can end up in a coma and die.  Normal blood sugar is between 70-110.  I’ve had readings as low as 23 — yep, that’s in the coma and die territory, and it’s beginning to worry me.  So is the constant hunger caused by the hypoglycemia, and the pain in the butt of struggling to find something to eat that won’t make me sick.

So, tomorrow morning I have an appointment to see a surgeon at OHSU to see about having my surgery revised so that I might eat a bit more normally.  I’ve been to two endocrinologists who specialize in nesidioblastosis, and the meds they had for me did not help.  My best hope is to have the bottom of my stomach re-attached.  Studies show that this generally fixes the problem.  I don’t know if my insurance will help me to pay for this, but the doc seems to think that the severity of my situation means that this is now medically necessary.  I do hope he’s right.  So, off I go to see if I can get help with this.

I know – I did this to myself, I should be grateful that I can eat, that I have plenty of food to eat, and that I’m not starving.  I don’t have cancer, and I’ll be fine either way.  I’d just like to be more comfortable, and I’d like to stop worrying about low blood sugar.

May 1st

A Blessed Beltane or May Day to you all.


A lovely image by one of my favorite artists, Alphonse Mucha.

Get out there and enjoy the day, watch the flowers sprouting from the ground and, if available, bask in the sunshine.  I have a bunch to do today, quilts I must finish, designs to work on . . . but we will get a walk in later on.  It’s another gorgeous day here in Oregon!