Well, that was exhausting, but very nice.  I had a few celebrations with my family for Christmas.  A drive up to Seattle with my sister to see our other sister and her son and daughter-in-law.  Nick and Miriam live in Edmonds, a cute little town on Puget Sound, looking across the water at the pretty mountains on the Olympic Peninsula.  Barb had come west from Cape Cod for the holiday, so we went up to spend a few days visiting.  Then it was back home on Friday before Christmas Eve and then down to my brother and sister-in-law’s for Christmas day.  We exchanged simple or homemade gifts.  None of us really need anything, and small tokens of affection are fine.  No need for big presents.  Much more important just to enjoy each other and catch up on what everyone is doing.  Now to tidy up and prepare for the New Year!

That did the trick!

A headache pill and a little nap, and I’m now right as rain.  Phew!  Good thing.  Lots to do.  Need dog food.  Must shop for little tidbits to eat while chatting.  That would be cheese and nuts for me.  I’ll get crackers for those who can eat the things.  Oh, Ozzie just reminded me that, in addition to dog food, he’d like some treats too.  Well, off to hop in the shower and get this late day on the road!


The quilts are done and I’m supposed to be preparing to visit with family over the next few days.  Over the river, through the woods, back over the river, down the freeway, back up the freeway, over the river again, etc.  So, what happens this morning?  I wake up with a screamer of a headache and I’m sick to my stomach.  No, no, NO!  I’m putting drops in my eyes, some Zicam in my nose, and I’m taking a nap for an hour.  When I awake, I will be magically well.  No sickness.  No moping!  Let’s get with the program here!!

The grinch has left the building!

Yeah!  I put my nose to the grindstone today and finished off the kryptonite quilt.  I promised myself I would not stop until I was done.  Of course, I did come close to crying a few times.  This poor quilt had a litany of problems — open seams, non-square blocks, not enough backing, not enough batting, lumpy, bumpy, and dumpy.  But, it’s DONE!  Ah.  I am ready to begin celebrating the holidays.  I do have a beautiful Feathered Star wallhanging to load, but I’m really looking forward to quilting this.  It’s more up my alley – lots of stitch in the ditch (call me crazy, but I actually like to do it), and then I get to play with some wonderful Intelliquilter designs on it.  It will be fun.  I may then start on my new quilt — top secret — something I’ve wanted to do for sometime — and it will be for show.  Perhaps not until MQX West in the fall, but I’m going to take my time and get it done right.

Now I think I hear some holiday spirits calling my name.  After finishing the quilt, I took my very patient dog to the park and threw the ball for him until he was pooped.  Now I’m frozen and can really use a hot toddy!  Wishing you all a relaxing evening!

The Grinch is gone – almost

Well, thanks to my Roku box, I’ve managed to drum up a little Christmas spirit.  There’s a free channel on it called Roku Holiday Fun.  I watched the yule log (nice crackling fire ;p) with Christmas tunes for a while, and started decorating the tree.  After the tunes had cycled through a few times (didn’t take long, as there aren’t many), I switched to the radio station on the Holiday Fun.  The Christmas Mix isn’t bad.  They’ve got a Christmas R&B, Jazz, Kountry (oh, don’t get me started), and a few others, but I prefer more traditional.  Actually, Christmas Classical would be awesome, but I don’t see it here.  So, here is the Stellar Stitches Christmas Tree.  It has not been up in the house for several years.  Back surgery, back surgery recovery, new puppy, etc., have prevented it being erected for several years.  It was a trip down memory lane to put the ornaments on and remember where they all came from.  I’d been collecting them for several years, as I prefer my ornaments to be purple.

This angel is from the oldest glass factory in America – The Sandwich Glassworks in Sandwich, MA.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Christmas pickle.  How ’bout the Christmas Eggplant?

St. Nick light cover

Grapes light cover

Santa Claus going down the chimney light cover

And, of course, the iridescent angel at the top.

I’ll keep the tunes on.  Maybe have a hot toddy.  Maybe I’ll be more in the spirit (or spirits) then.

Damn stubborn German/Russian/Slovak/Romanian!

Oy.  I have been making myself miserable lately.  I don’t know if any of you do this, but if you do, you definitely have my sympathies.  Maybe I’m the only one who is psycho enough for this sort of thing, but I have a feeling that the odds are, there are more of you out there.  I have a quilt to finish this weekend.  Actually, it should have been done long ago, but I ran out of backing and batting for it and had to wait for the customer to order more so I could finish.  I’ve had the fabric for a week now.  Actually, I loaded another quilt while I was waiting for said fabric, so I couldn’t put it back on the frame immediately after getting the needed fabric.  But, that second quilt is now done and I NEED to finish the other quilt.  I am very stubbornly refusing to do it.  Why?  I know it won’t take long, I know it’s probably only an hour and a half tops to finish, but I just can’t seem to pry myself off the couch to go and do it!  Oy again.  Now, it’s not that I’m a total sloth today . . . I’ve cooked, done a little cleaning, done some laundry, and I’ve taken the dog for an hour walk out in the frozen fog.  I came in, took off my insulated boots, and figured I’d sit down and read my email, then get to it.  Well, all the email is read.  All the recent posts on any quilt board I belong to are read.  All recent facebook posts from my friends are read.  Can I get this butt off the couch?  Well, I was thinking of heading down to Bi-Mart and getting a new box of hair color.  Need to spin those silver highlights to gold, after all.  I did bring in the big tub of ornaments for the Christmas tree that has been sitting here naked (except for the lights) for the past two weeks.  I was thinking I could start knitting a pair of socks for a friend.  Or, I could get out those English Paper Piecing papers I just got and start that 1930’s quilt I’ve decided to do.  Or, I could do more laundry, finish binding some more table runners, etc.  Dammit!!!  I do have a lot of things I want to do.  The next quilt up is a beautiful feathered star which I plan to enjoy quilting using some great IQ designs, and I really want to load that.  Somebody please come over here and make me finish this quilt.  It’s like kryptonite or something.  I just don’t want to go near it.

S0, is that crazy or what?  You know you have something to do, you know it won’t take long, but you avoid it like the plague and spend a couple hours sitting on the couch, writing, talking to yourself, trying to psych yourself up to do it?  I guess it really is the silly season and I need to stop being so silly!  Oh – by the way – for the politically correct among us, the stubborn German/Russian/Slovak/Romanian is me.  Just like a mule stuck in the mud.

Whoa, where have I been?

Well, I’ve been quilting and playing up a storm.  I did make a bunch of things for the Christmas Craft Fair, and totally forgot about taking any pictures of them.  I dropped them off at Our Sewing Room on Saturday, where I went to enjoy our little lottery winners’ party.  I left them at the front desk, went back and put my stuff down and started talking with my friends, when the woman at the front of the store informed me I was out of inventory!  Well, that was fast.  I have more made and have been spending the last few days binding, binding, binding, and playing with paints and pencils and inks and bling.  This one is done with a color wash effect using Jaquard Fabric Paints and some crystals.  You can’t really see the crystals or the sparkly gold paint (outer ribbon) on this one in the photo, but they do look pretty in the dark with candlelight bouncing off the crystals.  So here is one — you can tell me if you think they’re tacky.