We had a visitor!

I had to go out this afternoon to the Honda dealership to have my car serviced.  I took my tablet with me so I could surf the web and play a card game or two, since there aren’t ever any good magazines there and I generally don’t enjoy chatting in the service area.  Anyway, my battery began to die on the tablet, so I shut it off.  When I looked up, there was this amazing yellow glow coming from outside the dealership.  As it happened, my car pulled up at that very instant and was ready to go.  I quickly headed home to get Ozzie for a walk, because we had blue skies and sunshine!!



We made it to the park and walked for an hour.  We were almost back to the car, when we could see the fog creeping back.



There is a small canal that runs right in front of the stadium and the fog sort of starts to rise out of it (and the river behind me), but in addition to that, the fog just suddenly begins to swirl down from above.  It just appears out of the blue, as they say.  Yes, I know they usually say that about bolts, but in this case, it’s the fog.

I’m hoping the sun will come back and stay longer tomorrow.

What is the meaning of this?

Okay, Weathergirl, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.  You said that today would be just as foggy and cold as yesterday.  I had planned to stay in, take the tree down (sob – I really don’t want to), and start organizing my spare room while removing everything from it so that I can paint and start fresh.  However, I awake to find this!

blue sky 039


There’s blue sky accompanied by a yellow glowing ball of some sort off to the southeast there.  How could you do this to me?  I have plans, but I cannot resist taking the dog out for a walk or a ball-toss in the park when the sun is actually in the sky.  Harumph!  You have totally ruined my day, but I’ll take it anyway!