When you’re making plans . . .

I’m not sure of the citation, but as they say, life is what happens when you’re making other plans.  As you know, I spent the weekend taking care of a very sick dog.  Then I spent Monday and most of Tuesday worrying about the little dog in the hospital.  On top of that, there was the quilting machine that continues to break down, the house that’s a total disaster, and it goes on and on.  I’m pretty sure you’ve all been there.  You’re probably had times in your life when things have been much worse.  I know I’ll get through all of this and life will be free and easy again, but for now, things are a bit of a struggle.

On the bright side of things, despite X-rays, blood tests, IV fluids, lots of meds, and a day and a half of hospitalization, but vet bill was only $525.  Ya, that’s a lot of money for me, but for that level of care, it’s pretty much of a bargain.  And, I have my dog home again, and he seems well.  A bit subdued, but after all he’s been through, I guess that’s to be expected.  He seems to be very hungry, but the vet said that after being sick, he had the emptiest digestive tract she’s seen in a long time.  We’re taking the feedings slow, but he seems to be doing well.  Tomorrow, we’ll go of a walk — you may have noticed that the Fitbit stats have been on the nearly non-existent side for the last five or six days.  I may actually stop that posting until life settles down a bit.

My quilting machine has been giving me fits.  I have finally made an appointment to send it back to the factory for a complete overhaul in February.  That was the earliest they could take it.  In the meanwhile, as long as I’m doing all-over patterns using the Intelliquilter, it does just fine.  Well, almost.  I’ve been having this bobbin thread bite-off thing going on that is about to drive me over the edge.  I’ve cleaned, oiled, re-timed, changed the bobbin case a million times, and the problem persists.  I’ve never had this stuff go on for this long.  I’m very grateful to have the IQ to help me finish up quilts for the holidays.

So, that’s been my life in a nutshell for almost the past week.  I know things will get better soon.

Here’s my show-off dog, hefting his idea of a stick, last Friday, just before he got sick.  Like the other one, it was taken with the cell phone, so it’s not the best.  He’ll be back to normal soon, I’m sure.

Ozzie the mighty