Here she is!

Well, Sadie has been under the recliner all day, so I found her adoption photo and will post that here.  I’ve plied her with treats, food, and water, and she just came out for a bit, so I don’t want to spook her with camera flash.

When she is out in the room, she’s pretty frisky.  I’ve got a few toys to spring on her when she’s feeling a little more secure.  Vince is still hissing when he sees her, but I am SO happy to say that he has ceased howling.  Maybe the arrival of a new cat has brought home to him that Junior is, indeed, gone.  Sadie is so sweet, she begins to purr loudly almost the instant you touch her.  She and Ozzie have done some nose touching and rubbing up next to one another.  Now we just have to work on Vince.

I received a package through UPS today from the Country Register.  You may see these free publications in your local quilt store.  They are regional, so if you don’t live in Oregon, you won’t get the Oregon issue.  The February/March edition is the annual quilting and needlework issue, and guess who’s part of the story on page nine?  Just across from my ad on page eight!  I was so surprised to see it, but boy is it nice.

Ozzie and I ventured out in the downpour today (we have nearly 2 inches of rain in just over 12 hours) and ran errands to the bank, Costco, and PetSmart.  I had to go to the bank not only to make a deposit, but because when I tried to use my debit card yesterday (to pay Sadie’s adoption fee) my card was declined.  When I called the credit union, they told me they had cancelled the card and I was supposed to be using the one they sent me in October.  Say what?  I never did get a new card, so today, we had to go fix that.  We laid in supplies for both the animals and myself, and I’m very glad we did.  I have been wondering why my joints hurt so badly lately, despite my walking, walking, walking, and stretching exercises.  Apparently I have a virus, so I’ll be on the couch for a day or two.  I hope this passes quickly.