Say a little prayer

I’m not really the religious type, but if you can spare a few positive vibes, my little pooch is in the hospital.  He continued to get more lethargic and droopy Saturday night and yesterday, and then began the vomiting and the diarrhea.  The poor little fella.  I took him in at 10:30 this morning and he is now in the hospital on IV fluids and some medication for pain and nausea.  He had x-rays and has had some blood drawn, but not all the results are back yet, so I won’t know for a few hours what is going on.  I did call, however, to make sure he is resting comfortably (he is).  I’d really like to go over there and hold his paw.  I don’t want to be in the way, but that’s my little buddy in there and, I have to say, I’m a bit lost without him.  I miss him terribly when I go away on retreat, but this is a bit different.  I know he’s not feeling well and, of course, he needs his momma.  Ozzie goes to Amazon Park Animal Clinic, and they are very kind and caring there.  I’m sure they will do their best for him, but I’d rather have him here so we could snuggle on the couch.  Of course, I don’t like all that IV stuff — had to do that with my cat Otis years ago, as he had kidney failure.  I’m hoping this is just a virus.

Let’s hope this little guy is back to chasing the ball again really soon.