In my spare time . . .

I have been organizing the USA portion of an art quilt challenge, based on world painters.  We were given a list of 30 painters and the idea was to make a 50 cm (approx. 19.7″) square piece that was either a reproduction or representation of their work.  You have seen mine (Mucha) albeit sans bling.  I did add a little bling to her hair and the lights in the arc behind the dancer.  I will share the quilts here with the artist’s name.  I ask that you not start pinning them around without attribution because, as we know, I get really honked off when people do that.  I do my best always to attribute work when I share it here and I ask that you do the same.  I find it frustrating when I try to find the source of a photo and am unable to do it.  Anyway, here are the wonderful quilts produced by the USA quilters.  There are also 30 produced by quilters in Japan and 30 from quilters in France.  I have not seen those yet.  Their first public showing will be at Yokohama on November 14th.

Van Gogh by Nancy Kibbey

1 Van Gogh Nancy Kibbey


Picasso by Jan Potter


2 Picasso Jan Potter


Rousseau by Ruth M. Bass


3 Rousseau Ruth Bass


Gauguin by Jeanne Wong


4 Gauguin Jeanne Wong


Toulouse-Lautrec by Jean Shute

5 Toulouse-Lautrec Jean ShuteMonet by Molly Summerlight

6 Monet SummerlightDalí by Barbara Steller

7 Dali Barb StellerDufy by Laura Jaskowski

8 Dufy Laura JaskowskiDa Vinci by Amy Vetter

9 da Vinci Amy Vetter


Matisse by Bethanne Nemesh

10 Matisse Bethanne Nemesh


Klimt by Jae McDonald




11 Klimt Jae McDonald


Renoir by Sheila Steers


12 Renoir Sheila Steers


Mucha by Linda Steller


13 Mucha Linda Steller


Degas by Bethanne Enmesh


14 Degas Bethanne Nemesh


Cezanne by Sylvia Killeby


15 Cezanne Sylvia Killeby


Chagall by Daphne John


16 Chagall Daphne John


Miró by Ginny Steller


17 Miro Ginny Steller


Klee by Diana Cleland Boyle

18 Klee Diana Cleland Boyle


Vasarely by Janet Hiller


19 Vasarely Janet Hiller


Modigliani by Nancy Hill


20 Modigliani Nancy Hill


Foujita by Georgia French


21 Foujita Georgia French


Taikan by Barbara Roselip


22 Taikan Barbara Roselip


Eitoku by Mary Goodson


23 Eitoku Mary Goodson


Hokusai by Susan Johnson


24 Hokusai Susan Johnson


Hiroshige by Cecilia Hosford


25 Hiroshige Cecilia Hosford


Warhol by Christine Brown


26 Warhol Christine Brown


Grandma Moses by Ellen Childs


27 Moses Ellen Childs



Wyeth by Margot Lovinger28 Wyeth Margot Lovinger


Parrish by Sally Zehrung


29 Parrish Sally ZehrungO’Keeffe by Marlene Singer

30 OKeeffe Marlene Singer