My boss is a difficult task master

She had me tied to that quilting machine all day today.  I only got breaks to go and deliver three quilts at the quilt shop, run to Costco for some coffee (I was out this morning – talk about disaster!), and grab a small bite to eat for dinner.  Then I had to go right back upstairs and start quilting again.  She says I have three more quilts to finish before Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness two of them are very small.  Then, when I finish those, I have more coming in next week (not to mention the four that are still here but due in early December).  Then she says I have to clean the gutters, rake the leaves, install the new kitchen faucet (the broken faucet works intermittently, but she’s tired of running to the bathroom sink for water), and then I have to clean out the spare bedroom, paint the bedroom and the hallway, assemble some Ikea furniture, and put everything back in an orderly fashion.  I’m exhausted already!  And then I heard her make mention of decorating for the holidays!  Oy!  I’d report her to the state labor commission, but I’m self-employed, so I guess I’d best keep my butt out of hot water by staying mum on the subject.  Would any of you be willing to talk to her and ask her to ease up off me a bit?  She’s wearing me out.  Oh – and by the way – she told me today that this house looks like a tornado blew through it and I’d better think about doing some cleaning too.  There is definitely no rest for the weary . . . wicked . . . wobegon . . .weird . . . whatever!  It will be an early night tonight.

This old house

Years ago, buying your own home was supposed to be a good idea.  Perhaps it still is, although many financial advisers will tell you that it’s not always the best thing to do.  In my case, I think it may have been a huge mistake.  Not only did I buy a house, I bought an old house.  When you’re a single woman, there is no one to do the repairs unless you have substantial money to hire someone.  I do not have substantial funds, so I have to do the work myself.  I do enjoy fixing things and putting things together, but I also have a rather full life with many other things to do, and spending a day repairing things can really be a drag.

My kitchen faucet has decided to just shut itself off.  It will come back on every now and then, but when you’re trying to wash dishes or, most importantly, fill the coffee pot, ending up with no water is NOT good.  I can, of course, run in and get water from the bathroom, but not everything fits in the bathroom sink.  I have Moen faucets in my house.  Yes, you may buy them for looks, but you certainly don’t buy them for life, as the ad says.  There are cartridges inside them that tend to break.  The one in the shower broke last year and caused me all sorts of grief and expense.  Now it’s the cartridge in the kitchen that has broken.  I couldn’t find my faucet on-line as their webpage only lists current models.  I took the faucet head off the faucet and took it to the home improvement store last night, hoping they could help.  Well, no . . . Moen changed all their cartridges five or six years ago, and I’d have to take a picture of the faucet, send it in, ask them to investigate the model, find the cartridge, and then pay for a new one.  You know what?  I don’t have time for all this falderal.  I figure, if it is anything like the shower faucet, it’s going to cost me about $60 for a new cartridge, so, on the way home, I had already promised Ozzie we’d go to Costco and get treats.  I wandered down the home goods aisle and happened to find a very nice faucet for under $60, so I bought it and will be installing it soon.  As soon as I a) complete enough quilting that I don’t feel so far behind, or b) the lack of consistent water in the kitchen sink drives me over the edge.


Sometimes I really wish I could just call the landlord!