Playing Post Office

I know that Pinterest is the rage with crafters nowadays, but I am not a fan.  The few times I’ve explored and found something I liked and wanted to know who made it, the attribution was missing, and I couldn’t find the proper information.  That is not okay.  So, it is not okay to take photos from my page and put them on Pinterest.  I’ve mentioned this before, but since it has largely been ignored, I’ve put a copyright disclaimer here on the top right of the page.  I should watermark all of my photos, but I don’t.  I have found with Pinterest, the person who originally takes the photo will post proper attribution, but where it goes from there . . . well, just like a game of Post Office, all bets are off.

I had a Pinterest account for less than 24 hours.  Those of you who love it, have fun with it, but please, not with my photos.  Thank you.