Our great escape

The news reported last week that Donald Trump was coming to Eugene on Friday evening and he would appear at the Lane Events Center (Fairgrounds) which is only a few blocks from my house.  Subsequent reports indicated there would be several protests organized against his appearance, and we didn’t want to be in the middle of it.  I decided we needed to get the heck out of Dodge.  So, Ozzie and I made sure the kitties had food and water, and we packed up and headed for the coast.  I decided to do all the little touristy things that none of my friends ever want to do, either because they cost money, they can’t walk that far, or they’re just not interested.  We had a blast.  Well, at least I did.  Ozzie thoroughly enjoyed himself until we got to our hotel room for the evening.  I sadly realized that, in his entire seven years, I’ve never taken him anywhere with me over night.  He’s always stayed with my sister and her dogs while I went on vacation.  We got through it, and I let him know he’ll have to get used to it, as I think it’s high time we began to have more adventures.

We started out by heading to Florence from Eugene.  I timed the drive so I could arrive at one of our destinations just after high tide, so I could get a great shot, but a half-hour into the drive I realized I’d left my hiking shoes and my tripod by the back door of the house, so I had to improvise.  No time to turn around and go get them.

We stopped at the Darlingtonia Wayside north of Florence.  It’s the only state park (at least in Oregon) that is devoted to the preservation of a plant species.  That is the Darlingtonia Californica, otherwise known as the Cobra Lily or Pitcher Plant.  It eats bugs.  Here’s the trail (or tiny path) in, and one of the lovely plants.

After that, we headed north and stopped at the Sea Lion Caves, America’s largest sea cave, inhabited by Steller Sea Lions.  We didn’t go in, as they wouldn’t let Ozzie go down in the elevator to see them, he wouldn’t have been interested, I’ve been there before, and they charge an exorbitant fee for me to see my own sea lions!  Besides that, the smell is horrific.  It is, however, a wonderful spot from which to get a shot of Heceta Head, one of the most-photographed spots on the west coast.  So, of course, I took a photo.Heceta Head from SLC

We then drove to Heceta Head Beach and walked up the trail to the Lighthouse Keeper’s House.  We didn’t walk all the way to the light, as I had forgotten my hiking shoes and steep trails in a pair of Danskos is not the best idea.  Do you see a ghost in the attic window of the cottage?  It is said to be haunted.

On to Cape Perpetua, where I had intended to capture a stunning photo of Thor’s Well, also known as the Drainpipe of the Pacific.  Unfortunately, without my hiking shoes and the tripod, I could only get some zoom photos of it from the overlook.  The trail is too steep and slippery for Danskos, and the wind makes it a bit difficult to hold the camera still.  I got these shots by firmly clamping my elbows to the stone wall of the overlook.

The first time I saw a photo of this place, it took my breath away.  It really looked like a hole in the sea which would suck the whole world down with it.  Obviously, I was not able to obtain such a shot.  Still, it was pretty cool to see it.

We headed farther north and crossed the dreaded Yaquina Bay Bridge (I have a bridge phobia and was nearly sick to death crossing this thing) and stopped at the Yaquina Bay Light.  This lighthouse is a bit tiny compared to the Yaquina Head Light, which we drove to just after this.

Yaquina Head juts out quite a ways into the ocean.  The winds were fierce, nearly blowing my car into me as I tried to get my hooded sweatshirt out of the back so that the wind wouldn’t blow my ears off.  Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take dogs up into the lighthouses and, at Yaquina Head, you can’t even take your dog on the path to the light, so we had to limit our photos to views from the outside.Yaquina Head Light

Our destination was Depoe Bay, the world’s smallest harbor.Depoe Bay

Since we arrived before check-in time, we drove up to Boiler Bay, and communed with a curious sea gull while we enjoyed the ocean views and spray.Curious Gull

We spent the night at the Inn at Arch Rock.  Nothing fancy, but it was clean, comfortable, and had a really nice view of the bay at Depoe Bay.  Now that we’re home, I really wish we could go back.  Ozzie, on the other hand, is quite happy to be back at Ozzie’s house.From Inn at Arch Rock


3 thoughts on “Our great escape

  1. I have truly missed your blog (and Ozzie’s adventures) these past 2 years. But I am so glad you’ve been out and enjoying life. Retirement is a great thing. I’ve been enjoying my own since 2004. The UO was hard to escape but I think I’ve finally done so. Have fun out there and send us pictures when you get the chance!

    • Thanks, Laura. I went back to the UO as a temporary employee on a couple of occasions. It was actually fun to go when I was an ‘at will’ employee. Saw old friends, got piles of work done, and was actually appreciated. I re-retired in February. I could probably go back and make a little more money, but I’m nearly to Social Security, so I think I’ll just coast this one out! 😉

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