Just after Beltane, two years later

Hello there.  Did you miss me?  I’ve not been using this blog for slightly over two years now, but am writing to let you all know that I have closed down my Stellar Stitches website.  I’m not doing a lot of quilting for others now, but will still accept the occasional quilt for all-over designs.  Custom quilting is just a little hard on the body, and I’ve decided to reserve the fancy stuff for myself (should I ever finish a quilt top, that is).

You can reach me by leaving comments here, or, if you are a friend, you can always find me on Facebook.  I may occasionally post here, and will add a tab for quilting services so that you may see the type of patterns I offer.

In the meanwhile, life is good, retirement is great, and summer is coming in.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


2 thoughts on “Just after Beltane, two years later

  1. Happy to read you’re retired Linda, and I hope you’re enjoying your time to yourself:) I had decided to ask you to do a custom job for me, but I understand your time is your own now. Can you suggest anywhere to go for custom quilting, or is that not done in the quilting world? I totally understand why it would not be, and can hunt on my own. Again, happy retirement!! Pam Soward

    • Hi Pam, I’m not sure who is still quilting in the area. I know most of the folks around here don’t do custom work. It’s just too hard on my neck and shoulders these days. I actually haven’t even turned on my quilting machine in months, but I do have a few quilts here now to do. I haven’t sewn anything recently either. Too much gardening and playing with the dog, but then again, I prefer to be outside anyway. You might check with the local quilt shops. I know Kennette Blotzer at Something to Crow About bought a machine. Perhaps she might be interested.

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