National Quilting Day

Here is a quilt I just finished today for my sister.  The pattern is called Northwind.  She pieced it for a friend’s birthday.  That strange stuff on the edge is the binding, which I stitched on, but it has not as yet been turned to the back and tacked down.  I’m hoping she’ll have that done by Thursday, so I can take it to guild for show and tell.

The batting is my favorite, Hobb’s Wool, and the thread is also my favorite, Glide by Fil-Tec.  The color is Khaki.  Magna Glide bobbins in cream on the back, of which I failed to get a photo.  Trust me — it’s awesome!  ;D


Northwind 2

Northwind 3

Northwind detail

Northwind border detail

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  There just hasn’t really been all that much to write home about.  New ventures coming up, though, so stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “National Quilting Day

  1. Wondered what was going on with you. Hope that the house came out alright, and that Spring is already there. Love the quilting on this. Love the quilt too. Good job to both of you. I love Glide thread too, and those bobbins ended all my bobbin tension problems. (I have a Liberty too.) I love the colors with the King Tut thread but have had problems with it. It has worked better with the Magna Glide bobbins. I am glad to see that Fil-Tec is adding more colors. Hope all is well with you. Sara

    • Job interview this morning. I think, if I pass muster with the head honcho, I may have the job! Full-time, tech support for a unique on-line lodging reservation service. I need the stability.

      • I totally understand that, I have found a job that not only fulfills my need to care for others but pays the bills leaving my quilting to be a Joy not a job!

      • Thanks, Wendy. Quilting is becoming somewhat of a chore for me. I want to cut back a bit, do quilts that make me happy, and have something else to help pay the bills. I’ve had a phone interview and my first in-person interview with this company today and, I have to say, I think it will be a very fun job. I guess I’ll know more tomorrow!

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