Nope! It’s bad

I really hope this will be the last of the woes of the storm damage.  If I find any more, I’m going to go out and lie down in a snow bank to numb myself till it’s all over.  (Okay, I know, a little overly-dramatic, but I’m upset).  I was reading along on Facebook, when I saw a post from my power company saying that they couldn’t restore your power if you had a damaged bulkhead.  Well, I didn’t lose power, but a lot of the tree fell on the power line.  I figured they could still come out and get the tree off the line, but it got me to thinking.  When the big branches fell, it caused the cats to come jettisoning out of the back bedroom, where the electricity attaches to the house.  Perhaps I’d best go have a look-see as to what happened to the bulkhead.  OY!

Bulkhead damage 3 Bulkhead damage 2 Bulkhead damage 1

I’d better call my insurance company.  I may not need an electrician, but I’ll need the power company to shut down the power to repair this mess.  Please, no more!  UNCLE!!!


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