Trying something new

This is a partial rant, so if you can’t take it, turn back now.  Actually, my rants are much gentler than they used to be, mostly because they now include my owning up to some responsibility for my predicaments.

If you’ve read much of this blog, you know that I do a lot of shopping at Costco.  Even though my household consists of just me and three furkids, I find it more economical to buy in bulk, package things up in one-person-usable sizes and put them in the freezer.  My last visit to the grocery store gave me sticker shock.

Even though I really love Costco, there is one thing that really bugs me, and that is the customers who a) stop with their cart right inside the entrance (in the MIDDLE of the entrance) to put their membership card away, and b) swarm around the sample spots as though they’d never had a meal in their life.  Then there’s the parking lot (otherwise known as the Costco School of Fine Driving) . . .  okay, so there are two things that bug me about Costco.  Customers who block the aisles, and the parking lot . . . and then there are the things you grow to love that they discontinue stocking.  Three . . . three things I dislike about Costco.  Wait . . . I’ll come in again.  (Monty Python fans are probably rolling in the aisles, while the rest of you are wondering what the heck is wrong with me).

Anyway, back to the samples.  I generally avoid the sample stations, mostly because they are clogged with the overly-hungry affluent who probably got to be wealthy from rarely buying their own dinner.  Add to that my abundant allergies, and I just find it safer to stay away.  However, there are a few occasions when I’m in the store, there aren’t many people around, and there’s a protein-based thing that I decide I’ll try.  A few weeks ago, they were heating up some chicken sausages with mozzarella and, I think, some sundried tomatoes, so I tried them.  Wow.  They really tasted good, so I brought them home.  I bought something else I intended for dinner that night, so I packaged up the sausages and put them in the freezer.  Last night I decided to take out a package, containing two of these sausages.  Figuring I’d have one for lunch with a salad, and one for dinner with some steamed veggies.  I use a Foodsaver, so there was no frost damage or anything else that would ruin their flavor.  Except that they are just awful.  I can barely stomach the taste, and since they contain a substantial amount of spice, I’m thinking it would not be good to give them to the dog.

Could it be that one needs to have a cheap electric skillet or decrepit microwave to make these items taste decent?  I must learn to stick to basic foods.  My general mantra is to buy nothing in a package.  Why don’t I listen to myself?


2 thoughts on “Trying something new

  1. funny Linda. I had a facebook rant this week about following a guy in the Costco parking lot who was ambling with his cart in the middle of the lane, with me following behind with squeaky brakes–he never budged from the center, and my brakes were squeaky enough he had to know I was there.

    • The people in the parking lot of Costco are both a source of major frustration and amusement. I had backed out of my parking spot a few weeks ago, only to get behind someone who was waiting for a spot near the front of the store (unfortunately, on my path to the exit). They absolutely refused to budge even about a foot so I could squeeze my car behind them so I could get out. I don’t know if they were terrified I would take the spot or what, but I had to sit there while the person still in the parking spot finished loading their car, put the cart away, and left, so this idiot would get out of my way! Oh, the humanity! ;D

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