Just another one of those things

Sometimes I just have to shake my head.  None of us, most likely, needs to be reminded that we are getting older.  It’s surprising how often those little reminders crop up.  On Monday, I supposed that I was finally catching a cold.  News of the spread of flu in the county (and the state and nation, for that matter), has been coming in from many media outlets recently, and I was hoping I wouldn’t get horribly sick.  I started my Zicam and vitamin C.  Didn’t really seem to help all that much.  So, last night, I went rummaging in the cupboard for some cold remedies.  My nose was driving me crazy, and I had begun to cough.

Now, if you’re getting old and slightly forgetful, like me, you have bought yourself one of those little pill reminder containers, so you can put your meds in it and know that you have taken what you need for the day.  I don’t have a lot of medications, but I do need to take supplements because I have low vitamin D and I’m constantly anemic.  I am also allergic to nearly everything on the planet, and I take a Zyrtec every day to keep the symptoms at bay.  Well.  While rummaging in the cupboard, I noticed my Zyrtec bottle, pushed, somehow, to the back of the queue of remedies, and it hit me that I had thought my daily intake from my pill container had seemed a bit sparse this week.  I had, indeed, neglected to put my allergy pill into its daily slot.

Just another little thing to make me feel a little older and sillier, but thankful that I have a medication that is truly effective (for me, anyway – I’m not recommending it to you).  I took my Zyrtec last night and I’m absolutely fine this morning.  No cold, no flu.  And now I will march myself and the dog out for a walk to stave off old age.  She’s coming, and she’s not very kind.


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