What is the meaning of this?

Okay, Weathergirl, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.  You said that today would be just as foggy and cold as yesterday.  I had planned to stay in, take the tree down (sob – I really don’t want to), and start organizing my spare room while removing everything from it so that I can paint and start fresh.  However, I awake to find this!

blue sky 039


There’s blue sky accompanied by a yellow glowing ball of some sort off to the southeast there.  How could you do this to me?  I have plans, but I cannot resist taking the dog out for a walk or a ball-toss in the park when the sun is actually in the sky.  Harumph!  You have totally ruined my day, but I’ll take it anyway!

1 thought on “What is the meaning of this?

  1. LOL So glad that it was a pretty day afterall. Hope that you got to enjoy it. We had rain and now we have crazy winds that are threatening to blow us into the next county. Wanna trade?? LOL

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