A Merry Yule to you all

I put the tree up on Wednesday night, but just decorated it last night.  Nearly all of my ornaments, collected or received over the years, are purple.  I really love my tree.  I’ve noticed posts on the internet lately showing a tree lot with a sign saying Holiday Trees, $10/foot, Christmas Trees, $5/foot.  Really?  It’s a Yule tree!  No matter what holiday you celebrate, here’s hoping it’s merry and bright, and that you respect everyone’s faith and expressions of joy in the season.  I personally am rejoicing that the days will grow longer.  The light is coming.  Blessings to you all!

My tree


purple tree 2013


A purple moon



purple moon


My St Nicks

st nick 3 st nick st nick 2


Every tree needs an eggplant!



Light covers

santa light cover light cover


An angel from Sandwich Glassworks

sandwich glass angel


A purple bird



And an iridescent angel to watch over it all

angel at the top


One thought on “A Merry Yule to you all

  1. Love your tree. Have been sending ornaments to my grandchildren every year. Had not purchased them last year (bad memory) and my DD called to say the girls were wondering about their ornaments. Grandma made a quick trip to the store and they received them before Christmas. DD said they are as important as the presents you send. I did not realize this, but am gratified. Remembered this year and sent them early. Linda, they would love your tree. Will have them check your Blog.

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