By the way . . .

The Fitbit stats have suffered while I cared for a very sick little dog — who is fine now.  However, they will suffer even further while I wait for the temperatures to rise above freezing.  As I have complained (bitched?) before, my feet and hands don’t like the cold.  Well, all of me doesn’t like the cold, but my fingers and toes get really painful in the cold.  I will not be going outside till it gets warmer.  I’ve been out to gather snow for snow dyeing and I’ve been out briefly with the dog, but more than two minutes is not do-able for me right now.  Pretty pathetic for a gal who used to live in Geneva, NY, eh?  That was snow country and I didn’t mind it then.  I do mind it now!  I hope you are all able to stay warm.  Looks like there are lots of places worse-off than Eugene!


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