Let it snow, let it snow!

Nothing (yeah, right) to do but quilt today, so it can snow all it wants.  Apparently, it wants quite a lot.  The ground was barely covered when I got up at about seven this morning.  We now have over six inches of snow.  I stuck the tape into it, but with my fused lower spine, and my clunky boots, I was not able to squat down to get a good angle on the ruler. I think my little cottage looks kind of cute and cozy in the snow.  I’m staying inside!  Quilting, sewing, and maybe a little knitting later on.  Oh . . . ya . . . and I guess I should do a little bit of cleaning.  Big sigh.

A bit over six inches of snow so far, and it’s still coming down!

Over six inches


Trying to get out the front gate

Front gate


Jefferson Street, looking south



And, my cozy little cottage

Cozy cottage


Stay warm, and, if you have to go out, you might consider this mode of transportation, adopted by one of my neighbors this morning

skier 2

5 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow!

  1. It is beautiful. Glad to see the beauty at your home instead of mine. Live near Toledo, OH – but the snow in this area went south of us. Makes beautiful pictures.

  2. It does look so lovely, but I can still feel the cold. LOL I like your house. It does look very cozy, and like a good place to “hole up in” . Hope that you stay warm, have power, and that your snow dyeing comes out just perfect!

    • It is very pretty, isn’t it? I wouldn’t mind it so much if the temperatures were closer to freezing instead of so far below. Also, Eugene is a town where it snows so seldom that we don’t have the proper equipment to care for the roads. It’s pretty scary driving out there. The first day it snowed, they had 259 accidents, just in my county. I’m just staying home!

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