Good news!

Phew!  The vet just called.  Nothing on the x-rays.  Literally, nothing at all in his digestive tract.  The poor little thing really eliminated everything available.  His blood work is fine, except for a little low on the protein and potassium, but both can be explained by the vomiting and diarrhea.  He is resting and being hydrated, so I’m going to let him stay over night and I’ll get him in the morning after he’s had a bit more time to absorb some water, have food introduced slowly, and hopefully, he’ll be just fine.  They think he had an extreme allergic reaction to something he ate (horse poop?) or something he came in contact with at the dog park.  I’ll keep an eye on the little fella.  I wish I had him here to snuggle with, but I think the responsible thing is to leave him at the vet.  The hospitalization fee was for 24 hours, so it will cost the same as if I had to go and get him now.  Thanks for the vibes!


4 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Thank goodness he is getting better. Pets become as important in your life as your children and much more amenable.

    Love my children and love my dog as much.

    So glad he is on the mend.

    • Thanks Marilyn. He is like my child. I love my kitties too, but they don’t go everywhere with me and they don’t interact with me quite as much as Ozzie does. I’ll pick him up in the morning.

    • I just called this morning and he’s eating and more alert, so I can go get him when the doctor gets in and has a chance to check him out. Last night was really hard without him here!

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