Some dogs . . .

are just a bit too big for their own britches.  When Ozzie wants to play with a stick, he’ll settle for half the tree.

Ozzies stick1Pardon the picture quality, we were at the end of our 5.5 mile walk yesterday, and I didn’t have the camera, just the cell phone, so I did the best I could.

Unfortunately, being a tad too big for his britches also comes with the desire to misbehave or not pay attention when I’m talking to (or yelling at) him.  Ozzie has a grain allergy – he eats grain free dog food.  But, yesterday on our walk, he decided to eat a road apple, even though I told him to drop it and leave it (many times).  By last night, he was in obvious distress.  Breathing hard, scratching up a storm, and panting a bit.  I was ready to take him to the emergency vet, but decided to try some Benadryl first.  Fortunately, it evened out his breathing, settled him down, and a good lie down in the cool leaves in the back yard seemed to really help the itching.  He’s doing very well today, but he really gave me a scare.  I got very little sleep.  He’s a very smart dog, but I’m hoping that he’ll be able to put together that horse poop is something that makes him very, very ill.  I’ll be more vigilant in the future.


2 thoughts on “Some dogs . . .

  1. It’s a (sigh) dog thing. I don’t think that they associate the two things. I am so happy that he’s better. Amazing stuff that Benadryl. One of our dogs was bitten by a horse fly, right over her eye. It started swelling shut. Called the Vet and he said Benadryl. For the itching, a horsewoman I know told me to rub cream rinse (people’s, cheap stuff) on one’s tail that was itching her very badly. It worked, I wonder if it would help Ozzie?

    • He’s been sick again today. Not as bad, but kind of restless and still itchy. He’s not eating much at all. Managed a small bite of cheese and stole a couple of kitty treats. Beyond that, he won’t eat. I tried boiled chicken and rice, but he won’t eat it. If he’s not better in the morning, I’ll call the vet.

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