Fitness slacker

Well, between calling insurance, the doctor’s office, and trying to finish this custom quilt, I have basically not moved for two days.  Not only do I feel like a slug because of it, my dog looks totally depressed.  I may get the quilt done tonight, and if so, we’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow.  Just two feathered borders, a row of parallelograms, and a row of continuous curve to do, then I’m done!  Well, not really.  I made the binding and need to stitch that on too, but it won’t take too long to do that.  I made the binding while I was on retreat.  That seems so long ago, and it has taken me this long to get all this mess straightened out with insurance billing.  At least, I hope it’s straightened out!  I have to call in the morning to make sure.  I’ve threatened to show them pictures of my scars if they have any questions — I would think that would be serious motivation right here.  ;D


2 thoughts on “Fitness slacker

    • Thanks Marilyn. I learned a long time ago that you have to keep laughing or you will go insane. Or, maybe I’ve already gone insane and I don’t notice! Anyway, if we all put our troubles in the middle of the room and circled round the piles, we’d most likely be glad to take back our own instead of swapping with someone else. I’ll be fine! ;D

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