A break in the clouds

Well, after this morning’s downpour and gusty winds, there came a break in the clouds and some blue sky and sunshine appeared.  Ozzie and I high-tailed it out the door and got in a decent walk.  A little shorter than normal, but it started clouding up again and I wasn’t really in the mood to get soaked.  The walk provided another break in my own personal clouds.  While quilting away and thinking about the problems I’m having with being billed for past medical expenses, I began having a bit of a panic attack.  Pounding chest, feeling a bit short of breath, and just feeling plain panicky and miserable.  Turns out the walk was a really good cure for it all.  And yes, I do know that I sometimes suffer from panic attacks, I don’t have heart disease, and I knew I was not having a heart attack.  I feel a whole lot better after getting in a good walk with my buddy.


4 thoughts on “A break in the clouds

  1. How can you resist this face! He is a great dog, so glad that you found each other. He’s good for you. I hope that your ins woes work out. My cousin always said, ” Do the best you can, and move on. It’s all you can do.” I’ll add to that a quote from another dear friend. He said “Compared to World War II, how important is this?”

    • Yes, I know. I paid the bill using credit, but will do my best to get my money back. I have plans for nearly every dollar I get and having to spend a whole bunch of them on something unexpected is unsettling. My favorite saying is, ‘there are 2 billion people in China who really don’t care about this!’ ;D

      • I completely understand. We have a horse that we are racing up in Ohio. In the last 5 months, her Vet bills have come to nearly $2000. “Uh, honey, which Ramen pack would you like?” We live on my DH’s retirement check (from the Army) so there’s not a penny to spare. The Vet bills come as a surprise, as we didn’t know that she needed a Vet. However, we want her to have the care she needs, and unfortunately she isn’t covered under the ACA. LOL So she is coming home before we are wearing the proverbial barrel. 😀

      • I know. It’s Ozzie’s month to go for his check-up and vaccinations too, so that is an expense I had planned for this month, but the funds have now been taken. I will find a way. I am almost done with another custom quilt. While I make about 2 cents an hour on custom, I have some all-over pattern quilts coming that will help me pay the bills. Thank goodness for wonderful customers!

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