Insurance company woes

Well, not many of your were willing to weigh in on what you thought of Obamacare.  Perhaps this will help you understand a bit about why I’m so ticked off with my current insurance situation.  I pay $461/month for health insurance.  It is Oregon Public Employee Retiree’s insurance.  While I was a Public Employee (working), the health insurance covered bariatric (weight loss) surgery.  It still does for public employees.  When you retire, the insurance no longer covers bariatric surgery.  Also, it turns out, they don’t cover complications of that surgery either!  As you know, I’ve had substantial complications.  I ran errands with a friend today and came home to a bill in my mailbox.  My health insurance has decided that several of my doctor’s visits for last year were bariatric related and now they want me to pay $569.  I do not have that kind of extra money.  To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember what those visits were about, so someone from the clinic will have to call me back and let me know why I went to the doctor last year.  I’m not sure if things will be any better under the Affordable Care Act.  I do know that, beginning in January 2014, your insurance cannot deny claims for a pre-existing condition.  I’m hoping that my weight loss surgery qualifies under this clause.  Otherwise, I’m in serious trouble.


One thought on “Insurance company woes

  1. Linda, I am in favor of Obama care because of the ability of people with pre-existing conditions to get insurance. I have two friends who have had problems in this area because of having cancer.

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